Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No-name brands at a cost!

Regular readers of my blog may remember a post about my Reebok rebounder (trampoline) which I used daily in Kenya. When I left the valley, I sold it to Johan. During one of my first trips to Mwanza, I visited the local sports shop to replace my rebounder.The proprietor was insistent that the one on display (the only brand he stocked) was every bit as good as Reebok. I was desperate to start exercising again and bought it. Ironically, I wasn't able to start my regime as I'd become so involved in helping the company guest house staff to run the establishment.

In mid-April, I decided to make the time to get back into the swing spring of things. Every morning I followed my rebounder DVD for 45 minutes. Within a week I was feeling fitter and more energetic. However, as I entered week two, I began to doubt that I was using a reputable exercise rebounder; there just wasn't enough bounce and the springs creaked terrifyingly.  It was as though I was too heavy for it.  The thought popped into my head that it could be a kiddies trampoline. Then the penny dropped and I thought with smiley faces all around the edge, of COURSE it was meant for children to bounce on. 

I stopped using the rebounder but it was almost too late. I woke up the next morning and for the first time in my life, experienced excruciating back pain. As the week progressed, I struggled through the day,  limping around the house with a bent back! My friend Amanda came over for tea one morning and as she knew about my ailment, she'd brought a strip of over-the-counter muscle relaxants. She also showed me a couple of Pilates exercises which she suggested I do twice a day. Her theory (which I believe was correct) was that I'd pinched a nerve and with these "moves" I'd gently stretch the spine to release this. She also said I should rest my back often during the day else I'd not be going overseas at the end of this month! As she took her leave, she looked down at the rebounder and said: "Jo, how come you didn't see this was a kiddie's trampoline? The smiley faces are a dead give-away!"  Eek, how was that for adding insult to injury, LOL!

Over the next ten days I did my gentle stretching exercises twice a day, watched umpteen reality shows on telly with a hot-water-bottle at my back and took the pills when the pain was unbearable. 

I'm happy to say that today (two weeks after I first experienced the back-ache) I finally feel as though I've turned the corner, praise God. My back still gets tired and then the muscles become tense. When this happens, I down tools, sit on the settee with my hottie at my back and flick on the telly! 

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, while I was in Dar last week (yes, I made the flight feeling quite strained!) I bought a good rebounder in Game.  Trojan is a well-known brand name in South Africa and I'll be able to use this rebounder once I am fully recovered. 

And the kiddie's trampoline? Well, I gave it to my house lady for her children to use under adult supervision. 

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  1. Hi Jo, Glad you got that one figured out!!!! I probably wouldn't have known the difference either... Oh Well--we all live and learn. Hope the new rebounder works better for you--and your back.


  2. The smiley faces are fun.

    So glad you stopped when you did and now feel better.

  3. Omygoodness Jo ... take care of your back ... I didn't and now I'm suffering ...

  4. Oh, I'm so glad you got that figured out! What an unfortunate experience! But to give you some comfort, I could have done the exact same mistake!
    Big hug from West Africa!

  5. I live with chronic back pain from scoliosis so I can certainly emphasize with you. It seem almost criminal to giggle a bit your not noticing the smiley faces. I can just imagine how silly you felt when you had your lightbulb moment. Hope the back gets better. I do not have that option. The neurologist now has me on an anti-seizure drug in an attempt to stop the labor pain spasms.genie

  6. Oh Noooo!!! BUT, I will NOT laugh...hahaa....much!

  7. I'm so glad your back is better and that you got the proper kind of mini-trampoline (rebounder) for yourself. Your house lady's kids are lucky to receive this new "jumping toy!"

  8. Oh no Jo! That is not good...back pain can be a terribly difficult thing to overcome so be careful!

  9. Jo, I am glad you found out about the kiddie trampoline. But how horrible that you hurt your back trying to stay fit. I hope you are feeling much better now. Take care!

  10. I probably wouldn't have thought to notice the smiley faces until too late, either. Sorry about the back injury but good to hear it's getting better.


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