Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mwadui and friends

On Tuesday I walked up to my friend, Amanda's house in the next compound. She was busy making toys for the local children. Amanda is artistic as well as practical and uses items in and around the house to fashion these items. Above is a collection of motorcars which she cuts out of wood and once painted, uses bottle tops for wheels. Below are her teddies which are too adorable. These she makes out of off-cuts of felt or other material and sews by hand while here as she has no sewing machine! 
 Aren't they just too adorable?
 The old diamond sorting house which is no longer in use apparently has a 300m tunnel leading from it to a large house to the left of the photo

After a chat and a cup of tea, Amanda took me to the old, disused diamond sorting house. While we peered through the dusty windows, she told me that there was a tunnel running from the sort house to the main house 300meters behind us. Apparently after the diamonds had been sorted for transport, they'd be packaged, carried through this tunnel to the house. From there, under amid great secrecy and tight security, the parcel would be transported from the mine to the airport. The carrier would be responsible for these precious stones until they reached South Africa. Even though the sorting house is  elsewhere on the mine now, the safety precautions and mystery of the actual movements is still of paramount importance today. 
 The shady lanes running through the client's compound
Woodland Kingfisher which is common here on camp and can be heard calling chi-cherrrrrrr from early morning until late evening

I hope you're all having a wonderful day.


  1. Amanda is very creative...Those are cute cars and bears. It was interesting to read about the tunnel for the purpose of secretly carrying diamonds from the sort house to the main house. I'm guessing it was to deter robberies.

  2. I'd want to go into the tunnel. Then look for dropped diamonds.

  3. What a great job Amanda does ! I am sure the children wil be very happy to get those cute little bears !
    what an interesting story about the old sorting house and a secret tunnel !

  4. The cars and bears are cute, the children will love them. The photo of the lane and the kingfisher are wonderful. Thanks for sharing, I hope you have a great day!

  5. What a creative lady is your friend. I love your outside photo's too. Have a nice weekend




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