Saturday, May 19, 2012

To market we go

Little girl at the market
 Every Wednesday I go to nearby Shinyanga town to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, and other items needed in the Guest House. As always there are many sights and sounds to take in. I always have my Nokia ready to take photos. Last week I snapped this little girl (above) and her brother (below). Their mother, a stall holder, had just made a lot of money from me (10 kg tomatoes, two green cabbages, two watermelons, 15 kg onions) which I hope goes towards caring for these tiny tots. I also gave her money to buy them a snack of mandazi (African donut) and milk.
Her young brother

A few minutes after this photo, these two children went off into the interior of the market.   I asked the mother if she was concerned about this, but she just shrugged and continued to tend her stall
Around the corner is a stall I support every week as well. I buy Chinese cabbage, green peppers, cucumber and carrots from this friendly mama
Last week my friend, Amanda came to Shinyanga with me. (More about this tomorrow) She was amazed at the large quantities of fruit and vegetables I buy every week.  She reckons I'm probably the market's best customer! I do remind the stall holders that I'm a regular and they're not to exploit me because I'm a Mzungu (foreigner/European) 
 I buy my potatoes from this lady every week: 20kg

 Above men package my bananas, mangoes and pawpaws. After I'd taken this photo, I had half a dozen other men clamoring around me asking to take their photo! I politely declined.

I have also "taught" the stall holders, especially the men, not to shout at me. For instance, while I'm buying two dozen apples, the other men would harangue me to buy their oranges/pineapples/avocado pears. They seem to understand now that I try to support every one of the fruit vendors as much as I can. 
Mwadui Shopping Centre!

Back  in Mwadui, William stopped at the "Shopping Mall" where I buy two dozen loaves of sliced bread from the bakery. 

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.


  1. Such a great selection of fruits and vegies. I like to shop at markets like this, but not to be harassed. If they see you spreading purchases around they'll realize their turn is coming.

    The kids are adorable.

  2. Jo, the children are just adorable. Your shopping trips just amaze me compared to our super markets. I am glad they do not take advantage of you as a customer. They should be very happy to have your business. Great post, thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  3. Very cute little ones and an interesting market experience.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  4. You tell 'em, Jo. No one's going to yell at you or take advantage of you! Those little children look so sweet. It must be a safe place for children there in the market area since their mother didn't seem worried about them leaving her and going into the interior of the market.

  5. That is a lot of fruits and vegetables you buy there every week! The vendors must be happy to see you coming.

  6. I can imagine how Much you are worried about the babies! Bless your heart! And I'm glad they don't yell at you anymore...It's hard enough Shopping much less getting yelled at while Doing it!Hahaa...
    Please be safe friend!


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