Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A busy fortnight

I remember posting briefly (two weeks ago) that we'd arrived in South Africa and were off on our bike tour. Since then we've done so much more than just biking and I hope to post about this soon. Meanwhile, we've arrived back home in Marquard and this morning we're taking our house-lady, Emily's pet cat, Tigger, to be neutered. It's been four months since we last saw Tigger, yet he's still the same gentle cat I remember taking to our vet for his first inoculations.
Isn't Tigger just the sweetest cat ever?

His face bears scars of street fights so his operation hasn't come too soon!

Good luck little Tigger!


  1. Welcome back to your other home ! I am sure you have to tell us a lot !
    Tigger is sweet ! good luck for his fortunately little intervention !

  2. Jo, Tigger is a cutie! I hope all goes well with his operation!

    Have a happy day!

  3. Hey Jo! You sure get in a lot of adventures! Love the cat's bed.

  4. Oh, he doesn't look like he initiated the street fights, that's for sure.
    Glad you're home.
    Love, K

  5. The four legged kids must have been glad to see you back.


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