Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hedges Kitty household update

Hi Bozo and mum's blog readers; it's Ambrose here again posting while she and dad are out watching a funny game on the television. 
 It's rainy season and this week has been either wet or overcast. Dad Ginger, me and Unca Shadow spend most of our day on our day bed on the veranda 
 Our friend, Princess is growing up fast, mum says. She brought her a pullover from that F A R place and it's too small for her! 
Princess likes to sleep near her "aunt" Toffee. We cats are very, very afraid of Toffee because she almost caught Unca Shadow once before! 

 We, the Tanzanian Trio have decided that we really like Princess

Isn't she sweet?

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  1. I Yes Princess is sweet but there is a saying, ' Let sleeping dogs lie'!

  2. She is fit to be a Queen!!


  3. The day bed looks very comfy for the kitties. And I love all the cute puppy dogs..Have a great day and week ahead!

  4. What's with all this lying on the stones?


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