Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Biking and birding in South Africa

Once we'd left friends, Sanet and Chris in Victoria West, we headed down towards the coast. (see yesterday's post) On this route, we had to travel through the beautiful Meiringspoort PassChris warned us that there had been severe floods on 6 January and to make sure that we watch road signs to see whether we could get through again or have to use an alternative route (which has slipped my mind now!) When we arrived at at the entrance of the pass,  we noticed that it was in use again. I took many photos from the back of the bike of the debris, mud and uprooted trees now fortunately swept to the road edge by the clean-up team.

Halfway through the pass is a rest camp with washrooms, toilets and picnic tables. Grant and I stopped here to enjoy the flask of coffee which Sanet had made us and a packet of cheese straws which Grant had the foresight to buy the previous day!

While we enjoyed our rest and chatted to other people also doing the same as us, I photographed some of the many birds and little animals which are always prolific at this stop.

Red-winged Starling (Male)

Red-winged Starling (Female)

Cape Bulbul which is endemic to South Africa
Cape Robin-Chat
Just one of the many images of the devastation that the recent floods caused in Meiringspoort

I'm linking my Wild Bird Wednesday post to Stewart Monkton's blog which you can access by clicking here.

I trust you're all having a really great week so far.


  1. Looks like a great day and the birds are beautiful!! Love your captures for the day, Jo!! Thanks for sharing the fun!!

  2. HI Jo I have just been reading the past few posts an I am sure you were glad your hubby did not 'jump. Looks like a great trip on that wonderful big bike. The sea and sand look wonderful and I love these shots of these birds.

  3. You can always find some birds to shoot. I like the Bulbul and its name.

  4. Jo, great variety of bird, the Robin Chat is pretty. I can see the damage from the storm. Have a happy week!

  5. Really sweet captures. Just learned about a new bird today! Red-winged Starling is a cool looking bird!

  6. Meiringspoort is a marvelous drive. Too bad about the flooding but glad you could get through. Is that where the waterfall is?


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