Sunday, February 9, 2014

Last weekend in South Africa - Part 2

As promised in yesterday's post here is a further look into our last weekend in South Africa. After the garden services had been to our garden early on Friday, John, Simon and I worked in the garden until lunch time.

Once everyone had gone home at 2.30pm, I meandered around my private little paradise taking photos. Apart from reveling in the cool lushness of my summer garden, I also managed to capture a couple of birds nesting and feeding around me. 
 The view of our driveway facing the street. The house behind the boundary wall belongs to our delightful 82 year-old neighbor and friend, Pienkie

A longer view of our driveway towards the motor gate

Angie rests in the shade while mum takes photos of the garden

An incoming view of the driveway going towards our patio, the garages and around the corner, the entrance to our house
This part of the garden  suffered badly when the boundary wall was rebuilt last year. John, Simon and I rebuilt it in September; they tended it in my absence and just look at it now!

Ever-obliging Angie (with 14 1/2 year-old Megan behind her) poses for mum's photos of the front of the house

The front entrance to our house which is never used! (Everyone drives to the back and enters the house through our entertainment area) With two years' of water shortage, this area was sadly neglected. We replanted it with biennials in the spring, I clipped back the plumbago and we potted up annuals for the open veranda. It's gradually coming into its own again now

 In the spring we planted annuals in pots along the garage doors. The garden in the background of this photo, is our back garden which meanders around that part of the house to the left and around the garages to the right

Our "back" garden; our entertainment area opens up onto this

A wider-angled view of our "back" garden

While enjoying the garden during the days we've spent at home, I also familiarized myself with our resident birds again.
One of a pair of Red-eyed Bulbul which are nesting in the rose bush in my back garden
This Southern Masked Weaver has built several nests in a tree in Pienkie's garden with branches hanging over into ours. The male of this species does this to attract a female; so far he's had no takers. We continue to watch him, hoping he'll be successful before we leave home next week

A Malachite sunbird (male). I'd forgotten how stunningly beautiful this sunbird is, and was thrilled that he sat quietly while I captured him several times on camera. I intend to post more of this bird next week 

I trust you're all having a really great weekend. This is our last in South Africa until we come out on leave again in June, which is winter. Brrr!


  1. Your garden is looking lovely Jo and the pavers used in constructing your driveway look very clean and new. You have so many garages. Do you use them all?! Hope you have a wonderful journey back to Tanzania. My Tanzanian friend is home sick today because it has been freezing here this week.

  2. Jo, your place and the gardens are lovely. And I love the cute doggies. The birds are beautiful too, especially the sunbird. Wonderful series. Have a happy day!

  3. Thanks for the tour. Do you miss your home? Seems like a long time til you come again.

  4. You have a lovely house with a large drive.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  5. Great to see all the birds in your garden

  6. Your house just looks beautiful and everything so well maintained in the garden !


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