Saturday, February 8, 2014

Last Weekend in SA

OMW I can't believe how time flies when you're having fun! LOL! I meant to get back onto my blog in the middle of the week already, and here it is Saturday and I still haven't posted. I've spent my days pottering around outside with my trusty gardeners, Simon and John and also taking photos of the many birds nesting and feeding in our summer garden. 

My last post was about dear little Tigger who was about to undergo surgery. He came through it very well and is still convalescing at his foster gran's house. Emily says she'll take him to her home in the township on Monday.
The patient relaxing in his foster granny's lounge

Emily replaces the mats in the bathroom where Tigger sleeps at night

 Chappie, our [obese] South African cat, is the reason why Tigger is ensconced in the bathroom while convalescing. She is totally unsociable when it comes to other animals. The dogs are very wary of her and as Tigger has such a gentle nature, I'd rather keep them separate

As mentioned above, I've spent lots of time outside with my garden helpers. They are actually wonderful men who continue to work without supervision   - for several months at a time - during my absence.  Recently we've had an abundance of rain in the Free State which was very welcome. This, in itself, motivates any gardener to dig in, turn over and add compost to the shrubs and existing flowerbeds.

I hope you're all having a great weekend. I'll be back tomorrow with more photos of our last weekend in South Africa.


  1. You don't need two garden helpers please send me one. I need one desperately. I have a few ads on my desk that I will investigate but I am shuddering at the price they will ask for.

  2. Jo, I am glad you had a great time during your holiday! And I am happy that Tigger made it thru his surgery. Your garden is looking beautiful. Have a happy weekend!


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