Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quali Time with Family

As our month-long holiday draws to an end, I must post photos of our precious grandchildren.  Last week, en route from visiting Grant's mum in Durban, we spent a day and night with Debbie and the children in the Drakensberg. John was still in Mozambique at the time, so sadly we won't see him this time. 
Grant and me with our lovely grandchildren: Joshua, Elijah, Eryn (holding Israel) and Bethany

As Angus and Amanda have busy lives with full-time jobs and raising their two little children, we eventually managed to have them over for dinner last night!

 Two-year-old Abby looking pensive while standing with her mum on our patio last night

Angus and Joel enjoy a ride around the garden on Gran's motorbike! 

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  1. Oh, lucky you, Jo. Such wonderful grandchildren! I'm so happy for you and Grant, and glad you've been able to see them.
    Love, K
    PS, this wowzio thing popped up again, and took the place of your blog on my computer. Do you have it set to do that?

  2. Jo, your grandchildren are all beautiful. Lovely family photo.

    Enjoy your week ahead!

  3. Lovely family bonding images!!

  4. Lovely grandchildren. I'm a grandmother for the first time. Annabelle Grace was born last Wednesday. I'm excited that I will get to see her on Sunday and help out for the week or more.

  5. Your grandchildren look very nice ! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree when I see these two on the bike, lol !

  6. You do have such lovely grandchildren, Jo, and I know How much you enjoy being able to spend time with them! Thanks for sharing! Hope your week is going well!!

  7. I bet the grandkids always look forward to your visit

  8. Don't they all grow so quickly? Your son looks but a boy, or is it the happiness that shines out of his face? Wonderful to see you enjoying your grandchildren Jo.


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