Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mum's back!

Hi Bozo and mum's blog readers, this is Ambrose. After a 
L O N G time away in another F A R place, mum and dad came back to our house. As usual we're very pleased to see our yoomens but don't show it immediately. Only once mum begins to unpack a big box of stuffs, do we go into her room and sniff at all the goodies. I always get into the box when it's empty. 
 I, Ambrose in the big box which mum unpacks when they return from the LONG time away

 Unca Shadow always acts "spicious" when mum has been gone for a long time

 Dad Ginger just lies on his office chair

Princess, who lives in the garden, has grown a lot - I heard mum tell our dad she thought so! 

Mum brought a gift for Princess: a pretty pink collar
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  1. Princess looks contented, and so does Ambrose. Shadow will come around again soon, and Ginger will pretend you hadn't left!
    Hugs from Kay and Lindy

  2. Wow! the Princess became a huge Princess, lol ! The new collar suits her well ! My cats too let me know in different ways what they think about my absence !

  3. I am sure all the kitties love having their Mum back home.. Princess looks cute in her new pink collar. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  4. You guys look so content!! I know the feeling!!


  5. What sweet pets. Princess looks lovely in her pink collar!


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