Monday, February 10, 2014

What we did this weekend

After our friend Rina had spent ten days, traveling with us through Kwa Zulu Natal and later just "chilling" at home in Marquard, we took her back home to Parys (not the French city!) in the Northern Free State. Once we'd had a cup of tea, Rina showed Grant all her late husband, Dick's mechanical and woodworking tools stored in her back room. Of course, Grant was so interested that he offered to buy the lot from her. 

BTW, when we took Rina back home, we also got to see "The Boys" For those regular readers of my blog, you will remember that these two cats (Topsy and Tipsy - Jess and Blackie) were last seen on a photo at Julius Nyere Airport, Dar Es Salaam, early in December.  We were keen to see if they recognized us. At first, all they wanted was their mama, Rina. After a while, they approached Grant and sniffed at his shoes and jeans, which obviously carried the scent of our dogs and cat. As for me - well, they ignored me totally!  
Tipsy and Topsy investigate the scents on Grant's shoes and jeans

Back home in Marquard, Grant (literally!) set the wheels in motion. He borrowed our friend, Pete Kramer's large open trailer and swopped our car for Angus' Double Cab Isuzu for the weekend.  We also asked Simon and John if they'd like to earn a little extra cash by going with us to Parys to load the stuff. They jumped at the opportunity with great enthusiasm. 

On Saturday morning we met John and Simon in town.  I'd bought them a complete set of casual clothes for the occasion and they arrived looking very trendy. 
 Simon and John looked very "cool" when we met them in town on Saturday morning

 It was a beautiful morning with the sun rising over lush farmlands

 Sunflowers, a major crop in the Free State Province, are in full bloom at the moment

With the vehicle backed up to Rina's garage/storeroom, Grant, Simon and John loaded the heavy items onto the trailer. Meanwhile Rina had prepared a fry-up breakfast for all; I helped toast the bread while she fried eggs. As the last of the machines were secured on the trailer and in the back of the double cab, the meal was ready. 

Once on the road again with Angus' strong vehicle pulling the heavy trailer, made for an uneventful trip home; by midday we drove into the yard. The men unloaded the stuff into the fourth garage, Grant paid them and they set off happily for their homes.
 Grant and the men unhitch the trailer before unloading everything into the fourth garage (the one just visible above the double-cab's canopy)

The trailer and back of the double cab were loaded to the brim with all manner of delightful new toys tools for big boys . Grant has spent the weekend in the garage sorting through, and exclaiming at, the exciting stuff which he keeps discovering. I think Dick is smiling knowing that a genuine artisan and perfectionist  craftsman owns his tools now! 

I trust you're all rested after a wonderful weekend and looking forward to a great new week. 


  1. Looks life a great weekend for all!! I'm sure Grant is going to enjoy all his new toys!! How fun!! Have a great week, Jo!!

  2. I would love to see sunflower fields like that. Not something we see down here in the Eastern Cape

  3. Neat weekend! The men look spiffy in their new clothes Jo! SO nice of you!!!

  4. How wonderful to have a friend's tool collection.
    I am having a problem with your blog, however. I just finish reading it and the page disappears, replaced by something called — scared me the first time, shocked me the second time, and am wondering if you know about this.
    Meanwhile, Topsy and Tipsy are so cute.
    Love, K

  5. That is so nice that Your hubby has taken over Dicks old toys! Love the pretty sunrise and the field of sunflowers. Looks like a great weekend for all. Enjoy your new week ahead!

  6. Grant got himself some nice toys! Love the outfits you bought for your assistants!

  7. The cats look so good ! Finally it was the best solution to send them to SA.
    I am sure that Grant enjoys his new toys, lol !


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