Monday, December 15, 2014

Comfort and safety

Before we went out, Grant promised me he'd buy me a new helmet. My present helmet ( he and I bought matching helmets in the UK in 2012) itched me during all the thousands of kilometers we rode across SA and neighboring countries. For those non-bikers reading this post, "helmet hair" or an itchy head/scalp while you're speeding along the road is agony second-to-none. 

I was quite excited when I finally chose the helmet I wanted and had Rina and Grant in stitches at home that night: I said I was going to sleep wearing my helmet! 
Wearing my new Shark helmet 

Grant and I always get biking accessories together; helmets should be replaced every five years, maximum; this time only I got a new helmet. He loves his Isle of Man helmet and he still has several years before his needs replacing. 

As you can imagine, after fourteen years of biking, Grant's garage is full of leathers, helmets, boots and other biking accessories. The day we bought my helmet at the Honda bike shop in Bloemfontein,  Grant took a garbage bag full of helmets and boots to a friend, Etienne, who works there. Etienne's also a biker and is a member of the CMA (Christiam Motorcycle Association). He will donate our used and still-good stuff to the youngsters in their club. 

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.


  1. Looking good. Like the purple.

  2. Thanks for the tip about the helmet. I'm sure I've had mine longer than 5 years, but it's never been in an accident.

  3. I hope it is more comfortable than it looks. Helmets have changed so much since I wore one on the 60's.

  4. HI Jo That looks a really sturdy helmet. Looks cool.

  5. Hello JO, cool new helmet.. I am not sure it would be comfortable to sleep in, lol! Have a happy day!

  6. it looks great and hope your head doesn't itch with this one... great idea to donate what you don't use

  7. Don't for heaven's sake walk into a bank wearing it!


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