Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hedges Kitty Update

Hi Aunty Kay, Lindy, Bozo and all Mum's blog readers. This is Ambrose with an update on what we kitties are doing. 

Well, we're relaxing. Whenever and wherever we can...

What's that Unca Shadow? Oh, you say only I and my Dad Ginger relax. You're always on the prowl! 
Unca Shadow prowling through the back garden

I relax while Unca Shadow tastes the grass
My Dad Ginger really enjoys lazing in the sun
Mum was thrilled to see Dad Ginger and Unca Shadow socializing instead of fighting

I draped myself in the tablecloth on the chair

Mum says I have to wish you all a good Sunday.  

She also told me to link this post to Forever Pets where Bozo and his yoomen has returned from a long vacation. Welcome home, BOZO! Please visit him and wish him a happy homecoming. 


  1. Heya guys!!

    Good to be back and visiting!!

  2. It is great to see all the cute kitties relaxing and playing nice! Happy Sunday to you all!

  3. Cats are interesting folks - with two at our house, they are enjoyed by wife and grandkids while I tolerate them, but they seem to love me.

    Keep enjoying them.

  4. what fun you are having. tell your mom that Dad Ginger photo would make a great Christmas card with a bow added.


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