Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bee-eaters, Kingfishers, Storks

Thanks to all for the encouragement with my new camera. Thanks to blogger friend, Penny for supplying me with the link, I've managed to download a camera manual. Now I need to study this hefty tome and then apply my new-found knowledge! 

Meanwhile I'm posting photos of birds that I didn't do too badly in capturing their image while I'm still learning! 
Little Bee-eater

Striped Kingfisher - I love the curved shadow of it's straight beak!
And the sun reflected it its eye in this shot

Abdim's stork 

Abdim's Stork

This small black and white stork has bare skin around its face which is greenish and a red spot in front of the eyes. The bill is greenish/grey with a red tip. The legs are dull greenish with red joints and feet. Although I'd seen many of these storks flying over the Nile while we lived in Khartoum, I've never had the opportunity to photograph them. 

I'm linking my post to Wild Bird Wednesday hosted by Stewart Monckton and which you can visit here

Note: the date stamp in all these photos had me completely stumped. Somehow I'd activated it and although I tried every thing to remove it, I just couldn't. Then I saw the little icon on the camera screen : a spanner and a hammer. (All my previous cameras had this icon and I knew how to use it)  I clicked on it; it came up as camera settings and I scrolled down until it said: "Reset All" I clicked on this and the date was deleted.  Yay! 


  1. three very cool birds. the stork is awesome!

  2. New camera, phone and computer means a whole lot of new learning. These are stunning.

  3. Beautiful...There you go sister Jo...I feel like I'm in the safari... ;) You're a fast learner.

  4. i am still learning things on my new camera to... today i finally figured out something i had been trying to do since i got it a month ago.. not all things are in the manual. glad you found the download... looks like it has a fantastic zoom on it


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