Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pups inoculated

When we got back from leave, Grant arranged with Albert to call the vet. He was due to arrive on Saturday, but when he phoned to make arrangements, I asked him if he had enough rabies meds for eight dogs. He said he didn't have any medicine; he'd arrange it and see us on Monday. 

Yesterday morning Grant phoned me from the office and said the vet had had an accident so he'd not be arriving as arranged. At 3.45 pm. Grant phoned me again and said the vet was on his way and Albert was going to meet him at the security gates. 

I sent Amanda a Whatsapp message to keep her cat, Matewis indoors as the vet, whom we've waited three days for, would soon be in town. Before we did any of the dogs, I'd brought injections for rabies, and all the cat diseases possible from SA and we'd inject Matewis. (I have our three cats' doses in the fridge, ready to be administered in January next year.)

Amanda came over to my house and we waited together for the vet to arrive. And waited...
Princess, who seemed to sense something, kept looking through the gap in the fence to the street

An hour later, Albert, the vet and his assistant arrived on two motorcycles. We bundled the vet (who actually turned out to be the vet's assistant; the young man with him was his assistant) into Amanda's car and went to her home. Matewis was asleep on her bed. I showed the vet how to combine the two vials which he would administer in one injection. 

Amanda had been petting Matewis but when I held him down and the vet inserted the needle, he set up an almighty howl. Soon it was over and Amanda gave him a treat of cookies. 

Matewis awaits his annual inoculations

Amanda then drove me and vet back to our house where Albert and Michael waited to help with the pups' inoculations.

The vet prepares the first of many injections. Albert looks on while the vet's assistant waits behind him
Here the vet shows Michael how to hold Mvulana's snout while he injects him

 This brave little lad didn't utter a sound! 

Colonel was next and although he looks very nervous, he also took it like the brave little man he is

Once we'd finished with the two male dogs, we worked out a strategy of injecting the females without become confused. 
Bibi was our first female to be injected. She also didn't make a sound. Throughout all the proceedings, Princess kept pushing her nose in between to see what we were doing with her babies! 

After we'd injected the largest pup, we did the next one who looked a little like her. This one we left out with mama while we did the second-to-last and then the last one.
This was the second of the four females who look confusingly alike. With her out of the enclosure, we only had two others to deal with
This was the last pup to be injected 

I'm sure Princess can count! No sooner had the vet injected the last pup, and she dashed off across the lawn. With three grown men and me in hot pursuit, we finally caught Princess and the vet injected her. Just like Mvulana and Bibi, Princess' little mini-me's, she didn't make a murmur. 

Below is a very short clip of Colonel being injected. You can hear a squeak just before the clip ends - that's the only sound he made! The other pup sounds are from the rest of the litter who yelped and squealed to be in on the action. Little did they know...

The next clip can be quite distressing if you forget that the yelping and squeaking comes from the pups in the enclosure (you'll see them!) instead of the pup being injected. Only once did this little pup give a cry and then it was over. The background music was a television crew who'd come to record their gospel music at our Guest House. I was involved with the pups and didn't get to see them

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  1. glad everyone is protected! too cute on princess knowing it was going to be her turn! :)

  2. are they chipped as well? A friend was telling me it costs her so much to keep her cat.

  3. Happy, healthy, and soon to go home. You're a marvel. How many you keeping? ;)

  4. Yes, I'm glad they're protected too! Bless their hearts, they don't realize how fortunate they are to have such caring, loving people around them all the time!!

  5. You are becoming a specialist in videos ! Poor things a bad moment, but it goes so quick !

  6. I can't believe how quickly the pups are growing up

  7. Good job completed without much fuss. Do you want me to let you how to join the videos now? It would be better than having these very short clips. Let me know vie email.

  8. after the first video i thought why did she add music to a shot video.. then i found out... to funny and all that yelping was LOUD... glad they are vaccinated and ready to stay with you. HA HA does hubby know yet?

  9. Princess is very sharp.

  10. Jo, the pups were so good during their shots! Adorable puppies! Enjoy the rest of your week!


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