Saturday, December 6, 2014

First Critters since our return

Since returning to site, we've been out into the bush on several occasions. And seen many birds and other critters. Going out early one evening, as we road along the airstrip. we spotted a young jackal. 
 A young jackal running along the airstrip
And following behind it, was obviously its sibling. These two jackal have been seen together often recently

Once we'd left the mine and entered the bush, Grant stopped just before a long trail of ants

A close-up of the ants which I avoided at all costs!

On Thursday Grant visited the dentist for a check up. After doing our Christmas shopping (we bought a huge turkey, smoked gammon, Christmas puds and ingredients for the trifle, among other items), we stopped off at the Malaika Beach Resort for lunch. We love to eat Indian while enjoying the view over Lake Victoria and of course, looking out for birds on the water/ 
Sunning itself on a rock nearby was a likkewaan (monitor lizard) 
I swung my camera around to the water to photograph a Litte Egret
It was fishing and I was thrilled to catch it in action

Lunch was served and while we ate our delicious vegetable briyani, paneer and chappatis, Grant noticed another lizard slither along the grass behind the lizard sunning on the rock. The Little Egret had joined the party too.
Little Egret and two monitor lizards relaxing in the sun
Just below them a Long-tailed Cormorant posed beside a pipe 

Driving home from Shinyanga yesterday as we arrived home, I called to Frank, the driver to stop. Just in front of the vehicle was what looked like a mouse. I got out and...
...saw this young hedgehog crouching under the vehicle! 

I took off my shoe and gently tapped it (after taking photos, of course). It rolled itself into a ball and I managed to push it [gently] off the road to safety.
Hedgehog's protective position

Last night Grant gave his men a barbecue - Mongolian - always their choice. While sitting in the lapa. Grant spotted a hornbill in a tree near the single expats' flatlets. As it flew down onto the concrete below, I had my camera ready and snapped. I'm still not too clued up on the manual function on my new camera (more about this later) so the lighting was not good causing a blurry image. 

African Grey Hornbill foraging on the concrete 

I'm linking my post to Saturday Critters with Eileen which you can visit here

I hope you're all enjoying a great Saturday. 


  1. Hello Jo, awesome post of critters and birds. I love the Jackals, they are kind of cute. The Egret and Hornbill are wonderful birds. Neat sightings of the lizards. The Hedgehog is my favorite, it is adorable.. Great shots. Thank you so much for sharing your post with my critter party. Have a happy weekend!

  2. sweet little to thin jackals, and that hedge hog is adorable. we had a man bring one to the nurshing home for a visit, he wore gloves to protect his hands.. you are so good to carefully move him to safety... give your self a big pat on the back from me.. i would also love to see those monitors..

  3. HI Jo I loved seeing all the critters in this post. Now can you check on the 'lizard' in my last Sunday's post for me. Someone told me it was a Rock Lizard however it may be a Monitor Lizard. I did ask on my blog however no one came up with the right answer. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. the jackal are amazing! love the monitors, too. hedgehogs are adorable little things!

  5. You got some great shots. (Manual takes lots of practice and sometimes for animals it's easy to just use Auto.) Especially like the hedgehog as I've never seen one.

  6. Nice pictures! The egret is so pretty!

  7. Interesting critters. I love the hedgehog and the lizards.

  8. Great set of photos Jo. I'd love to see a hedgehog one day :-)

  9. I love that hedgehog. I'm so glad you saved him.

  10. Christmas shopping and monitor lizards in the same cool! I'm surprised that Little Egret isn't worried it will be attacked by the lizard! Love the hedgehog too!


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