Thursday, December 4, 2014

Good fences, good integration

The pups relax in their enclosure after the first of their many outing every day

Yesterday Michael and I went onto the next phase of puppy orientation: integration. We started with Bibi, the smallest but cleverest pup. We carried her over to the Guest House to meet Nando. 
Nando is one of the seven pups that Honey had last year.  Sadly, Honey died shortly after I'd assisted the vet to spay her here in our house
Nando is not at all confident. I'm hoping that by having Bibi as a  playmate, he'll become more extrovert
Bibi's first meeting with Unca Nando
Dogs have a different way of greeting each other than we have!

Unca Nando whispers something in Bibi's ear!

Bibi checks out Edward's guard hut. Edward was my askari for two years and treated Toffee and Buster very well. I know Bibi is in safe hands with him

After eight minutes of her first social visit outside our garden, Bibi was carried back to the enclosure where her siblings greeted her as if she'd been gone for ages! 

Rewind to our holiday in South Africa; in particular our bike tour to the Cape. I posted about visiting Leisure Island a few weeks ago. I took many photo of the houses and especially the beautiful fences surrounding them. 

A double-storied house with a low picket fence. Next door was a  grey bungalow next to it with a smarter-looking fence interspersed with pillars to match it
The rustic look of this fence and gate suited the simplistic house behind it 
A very romantic look: a low wall, thick hedge and a wooden walk-through gate
This imposing ironwork and brick pillared fence suited the modern house it protected

I have several more  photos of walls, fences and gates which I took on this island. However, I'll leave them for a future post. Meanwhile I'm linking to TexWisGirl's meme which you can access by clicking here

I hope you're all having a great week so far! 


  1. some lovely houses, yards and fences there! glad bibi was the first to meet her new buddy. i hope all the re-homing will go well.

  2. The 'puppies' are looking more like grown dogs every day. Good idea to get them used to other dogs.

  3. The Pup did well when it meet a dog it didn't know before. All great fence shots from your trip to the Cape.

  4. Hi Jp, I enjoyed the photos of the puppies! I think they will get along wonderfully! Great collection of fence shots! Enjoy your day!

  5. I love how the pups all have those perky ears in the top photo.

  6. my favorite fence is the stone with the wood walk through. beautiful homes and fences in the first one. i now have a favorite pup. in the first photo the three that are sitting looking at your camera, i like the one in the middle with markings on her face.

  7. I hope Nando gains confidence. I'd hate to think that its Nando's intelligence that makes him wary.

  8. The puppies have grown quite a bit! It would be lovely if Nando would gain more confidence through Bibi.

  9. Lovely photos, and good blessings for all the adorable pups!

  10. Cute photos of your pups :)
    And as far as fences go, I prefer the third one from the bottom. :)

    Have a great week!

  11. The pups look content and well fed. They are very handsome.

    I really like the fence pictures from the Cape.


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