Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Learning curve

I was on the receiving end while on holiday in SA. Not only did I get a new helmet; I also had my phone upgraded, bought a new laptop and a new camera.

With my South African cell phone contract; I was due for an upgrade which my daughter-in-law, Amanda arranged even before I got home. Since my first cell phone (which was the size of a brick) in 1997, I have always had a Nokia. So it was rather strange to say goodbye to this type of phone after 17 years. My new Smartphone is Samsung 5 and although I'm still learning all about it and its many features, I don't know how I ever did without it! 
My new Smartphone  - so smart it almost makes my tea
When Amanda did the upgrade in the city, she snapped the children 
and loaded the photo on the front (you can see shadows of pappa and mama in the background!) 

Two years ago I needed a new laptop and bought an Ultrabook. With a 12 inch keypad, it was small, compact, and the best was I didn't have to travel with it in a computer case. It had a sleeve so I could slip it into my backpack which makes all the difference when you go through several airport security checks several times in one journey. 

It was getting old and very slow;  I asked my son, Angus to look for a new computer for me. The Ultrabook had increased in price: almost double what I paid in 2012, so Angus sent me the specs of an Acer Notebook, 14 inch keyboard but still carried in a sleeve. And the price was still the same as my original Ultrabook. 


This neat little machine has so many features and programs but with Angus helping me online and on WA, I'm getting the hang of it. My friend, Gattina from Writers Cramps has assisted me as well. 

The best news is that within a week Angus sold my old Ultra book and I recouped half the new Notebooks purchase price. 
Acer Windows Professional 8.1 - fast and furious! LOL! The screen responds to touch

A week before we went out on leave, I noticed that the battery cover on my camera was not closing properly. When I checked, I saw I was unable to insert the memory card completely. Looking even closer with the help of a torch/flashlight, I realized that a small spring had broken inside. I was still able to press the memory card down carefully and then quickly close the battery flap, so holding in it place. 

When I bought the camera, a Canon Powershot SX50HS in February, I didn't receive a power supply with which to connect the camera to the computer when uploading photos. It had a place for this external supply, yet there wasn't one. Instead I had to remove the memory card, insert it in a port on my laptop and upload the photos. Afterwards I'd remove the memory card from the computer port, insert it into the camera, and close the cover. Unfortunately I take so many photos that I repeated this operation almost daily and obviously wore out the spring below the memory card. 

While in SA, we took the camera to a recommended camera repair shop; they were unwilling to open it as it's still under guarantee. The technician suggested we return it to the shop where we bought it and ask them to send it back to Canon for repairs. That way I'd avoid perhaps having to pay exorbitant prices for the repairs. Only problem was although I always keep my purchase slips this was back home. I'd only be able to return it on our next leave.  

While in our favorite department store later that day, I thought I'd look at the price of a new camera. The shop assistant brought out the latest model: Canon Powershot SX60HS! I hadn't even heard of this model. Grant had followed me to the camera counter and when he saw me looking at a new one, he said, "Just buy it, Jo." Now how can a lady resist such an order? 
My new camera 

We'd already left the shop when we realized that it, too didn't have an external power supply for uploading photos. So Grant went into a computer shop, showed them my camera and the place in which you can insert this supply and promptly bought me one. 

I only started using the camera once we returned to Tanzania. It is also quite complicated (I love using the manual function for my bird photos but still have not mastered setting this one properly) but I am getting used to it. While at the Malaika Hotel on Lake Victoria, I was playing around with the features when suddenly the I was asked on screen: "name this camera" and a qwerty keyboard popped up on the screen. I named the camera "Jo's Photos" and when I pressed the function wheel again, images of a cell phone and a computer screen appeared on the camera screen! It has a WiFi feature on it as well, so you can transfer images straight from the camera to a cell phone or the computer.
This camera has WiFi

Mobile Device Connection

Unfortunately there is no manual so I'm having to learn using this camera by trial and error.  

So all that remains now is for me to start posting really good photos on my blog! 

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Here's wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday! 


  1. congrats on the new technology! i love my samsung galaxy s4 so i'm sure the s5 is even better. :)

    as for the camera manual, i bet there is a version you can download on-line. :)

  2. Congratulations Jo on all your upgraded technology. I too have had a smart phone for awhile and they are really quite incredible aren't they?

    Here is a user guide for your new camera. Just cut and paste the address into a google search. Then you can download the manual to your computer.

    Have fun!

  3. Wow, so many new toys. Nice Angus could sell your old computer.

    You should be able to download a camera manual. With 130x zoom you'll need a tripod to hold steady.

    My new Nikon P600 has WIFI too and I haven't even looked to see how to make it work.

  4. I was going to suggest that you look online for a manual, but Joyful beat me to it and even provided a link.

  5. Great to have your new goodies. Jo, to make it easier with the camera, there probably is an accessible manual for it on the net. I know there was one for my iPhone but never bothered with it as I preferred to ask my daughter instead.

  6. HI Jo I am overwhelmed with all your new technology and there will be a manual on line for your camera. I am expecting great shots now!

  7. Jo, Congrats on your new phone, camera and computer.. All the new technology is fun to play with.. I did not know about the Canon SX60, sounds awesome.. Have a happy day!

  8. Wow you are one lucky girl. But how much have you got to learn? It will keep you busy in the bush. There will be a manual on line. Go to Canon on line and type in manual for the model.

  9. With your adventures, I could see endless possibilities from those new gadgets! Can't wait to see amazing photos soon! :)

    Merry Christmas to you sister Jo and God bless.

  10. You did very well on your last leave! So much to learn at once but hey! You can do it!

    I have an older model PowerShot and I love it! Your model sounds terrific!

  11. Wow...well equipped for uninterrupted blogging :) Best of luck :)
    Nice blog :)

  12. I am so happy for you and am trying really hard not to be a tad jealous of all your new techy stuff. wow.. you had Christmas early.... my camera did the same thing, they are not made to be used daily and mine is used daily....congrats on your new laptop and camera and also on having family to assist two friends have the Samsung phone and they are addicted to it.

  13. Wow I am impressed. So much technology to get your head around. I have been using a Samsung notebook for almost 3 years now and it is great for taking on trips and like your old one I just put the memory card into the computer to upload the photos. Perhaps I need to heed your warning and be extra careful about damaging the spring inside the camera.

  14. I'm a fan. All his technology is truly wonderful for nature freaks like me with an SD card that holds hundreds of photos. I love my Smartphone even though it drinks battery life and like you I don't know how I managed with a old push button Nokia. Nice camera you have, better i think than my SX170LS for pocket use in addition to my two Canon SLRs!

    Think I'll buy shares in Canon.


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