Monday, December 22, 2014

It's Monday today!

As this post is aired, it should finally be Monday! Thanks Margaret (Birding for Pleasure) for pointing out that I posted my Monday post on Sunday. I noticed it on Sunday morning but by then I was so stressed out disappointed with the weather that I didn't go into the post and edit it. 

I couldn't believe that in Africa I'd have to worry about inclement weather;  yet yesterday I was seriously concerned about not being able to have my party in the garden. I mean, it mizzled all night on Saturday - something I've never known to happen in Mwadui. We have rain showers, light ones, heavy ones daily showers and showers at night. And then the rain stops and the sun comes out.


All day on Sunday the weather was grey, windy and cool. 

However, the weather report on my new notebook and on my Smartphone said the weather in Mwadui for Monday would be partly cloudy with sunshine. Whoo-hoo. (Grant also kept telling me to stop fretting; the day would dawn warm and clear, which was very sweet of him to keep my spirits up!)

So yes, as this post is aired, apart from being Monday it should also be sunny and fine and good for my ladies tea in the garden.

Meanwhile I've been baking tarts and cookies, grilling sausages for savory snacks  and dusting off my tea sets, ironing my Christmas table cloths. I'm also so blessed that the chefs in the Guest House help me by making donuts  - you've seen them here before - and also bhegia (a mixture made from chickpea flour, chopped fresh chilly peppers  and water, formed into balls and deep fried in oil)  in the big kitchen and bringing them to me for the party. 

Last week Chef Paul came over to my house to discuss the eats for Monday. As he walked in the gate, the five pups made a dash for him;  he decided to have a game with them. While I videoed Paul, I thought what cheerful and kind-hearted people these Tanzanians are. Back home in South Africa I cannot picture a man coming into my garden and playing with the pups. 

Then last night as we returned from our Sunday evening bird outing, Paul arrived with the donuts. 
Ever smiling and willing to help 
When I thanked him, Paul said: Karibo Bibi. It's all part of my job

So now I am definitely waiting for my guests to arrive. Of course we'll have lots of photos and I'll post about it soon.

May you all have a wonderfully Happy Monday! 


  1. a bright smile, a fun time with pups, and donuts! what's not to love! :)

  2. Nifty video with pics.

  3. Paul seems like such a nice man. How wonderful to have someone smiling and cheerfully doing his work. I'm salivating over here with the thoughts of all the wonderful food you and the ladies will be enjoying. Have a wonderful holiday my friend and a great party. Big hugs. xx

  4. I just thought I'd lost track of a day somehow. ;) Have a wonderful gathering, on this Monday.

  5. Ho Jo Tex, in her comment says it all and I will add, Hurray it is Monday. Have a wonderful time this afternoon with the ladies.

  6. The pups and Paul looked like they were having fun! The donuts look delicious! Have a happy day!

  7. what a happy smiling handsome man he is PLUS the fact he has all those donuts. what is not to love...

  8. Even if one is on a diet, who can resist those donuts being carried by a kind, smiling gentleman?

  9. Those are some very delicious looking donuts!!!!

  10. These Donats look delicious ! I don't understand why your scheduled posts appear on the wrong day, is there something with your time settings ?


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