Sunday, April 30, 2017

Cousin Tipsy and Unca Shadow

Hello Bozo and all Mum''s blog readers; this is Ambrose with a post for the week. Mum and our yoomen Dad went to a F A A R R place this week. 

What's that, Unca Shadow?

Oh, is it where WE come from?

I thought we'd always lived in this kitty paradise! 

Anyway, Mum came back with photos of Cousin Tipsy. Ooh , I remember him. He and Unca Shadow used to fight tooth and nail IF they got together. But Mum would always make sure they didn't ever meet up. I also used to growl if I saw Cousin Tips in the garden even though I watched him through the bedroom window in Mum's room.

Cousin Tipsy is actually Aunty Rina's kitty and sleeps on her car roof in the garage. Aunty Rina tells Mum that with the door from the kitchen opening into the garage, Cousin Tips lies on the car roof and watches his Mama while she cooks and bakes in the kitchen.


As long as he stays F A A R away from this place...

Cousin Tipsy in his donut on top of his Mum's car roof! 

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  1. thank you for sharing your cousin today, glad he is happy with him Mama Rina.. he looks good and I can see why he is named shadow

  2. Hi Jo!
    Shadow is so cute... What a life, hu!
    Have a wonderful week and many beautiful trips ahead!

    Bia <º(((<

  3. Cousin Tipsy enjoys the good view atop the car because he has to keep an eye of things. He is after all a dedicated professional. :)

  4. He looks very content.

  5. As long as you're both happy and healthy...that's what counts. Pssst, don't tell Tipsy, but he's mighty handsome.

  6. the meerkat post below. And the house is just simply awesome.

  7. Tipsy sure knows how to keep busy!



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