Thursday, April 13, 2017

Parkrun # 12

We were away two Saturdays while we were on our bike tour and so we missed our Parkruns as well. 

Last week, our first back on the farm, the dogs and I did a lot of walking. I posted about going to the river on Monday while Namusa dug out plane trees for friend, Leanne. This was our second walk of the day; the dogs and I had already been for the early morning walk along the servitude. 

At midday we walked to the gate as well to open up for Leanne. Only thing is, I got halfway and realized I'd left the key in the house. Back home, collect the key and walk up the servitude again. 

When Leanne left the property, she locked the gate. Grant was busy welding some bars for a mobile guinea pig enclosure (more about that later) when his phone rang. It was Gavin, the farmer who'd baled our hay. He wanted to come in with two tractors and trailers and collect some bales. I told him I was on my way to open up.  The dogs and I dashed up the servitude again, unlocked the gate and walked back home. Gavin later popped in to have a cold fruit juice with Grant. 

Tuesday we hiked up a steep hill and then through the pine plantations. A distance of 7.3km. More training. Wednesday through Saturday mornings the dogs and I did our regular early morning walk, now by headlamp as the sun only rises after 6am these days!

When I got to the Parkrun on Saturday, I thought I'd be able to equal or better my best time of 45 minutes and 30 seconds. 
Once again, there were many holiday makers supporting the local Parkrun event
A beautiful sunny, but cool day
My favorite contestants: children and dogs

A young mum with her toddler
Our friend, Ant arrived in a blood red shirt

As we were set off, I ran for the first 500 meters. At a series of wooden pallets over a marshy area in the first kilometer, I slowed to a walk as I didn't relish tripping and falling on these contraptions. By the 3km mark, I'd reached the dam wall and a cool breeze blew in my face. A visitor in front of me slowed slightly and fell in step with me. Although I still can't talk easily at this pace, we managed to chat until we reached the last 50 meters of the run. She walked into the enclosure 40 seconds before me. Pieter clocked me in and as I asked my time, he jokingly said, two hours, twenty minutes! Then he told me :

46 minutes 28 seconds. 

Er. This is 58 seconds slower than my personal best! However, I should loosen up and improve my time this coming Saturday. Anthony was strolling this day and he and Jenny (my hiking friend) finished 54 minutes. 
My young friend Kalan was visiting family on the coast. His uncle Clive came in just after me at 46 min 30 seconds
Ant always with the ladies. Here he is with Jenny and another lady whose name I didn't get!

After 3000km on a Harley and after four months of Parkruns and weekly hiking trips, Grant is fit and healthy again. (Sandra, his breathing is 100%) 
Grant clocked in at 59 min and 55 seconds; his new personal best



  1. Hello, you had plenty of practice before the run! I am sure your time would have been much better if it were not for those wooden pallets. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. I am wilding clapping and giving Grant a standing ovation.. breathing good, walking good, looking good to. I love all the bright clothing in the photos. exercise that is healthy and FUN to..


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