Sunday, April 16, 2017

Dad Ginger was ill

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose. I was worried earlier this week but I'm happy again now.

On Friday Mum noticed that Dad Ginger wasn't coming down off his chair for breakfast. She knows that if a kitty (or dog) doesn't eat his first meal of the day, there could be something wrong. She took his bowl of yummy lamb cuts in gravy (Dad Ginger's favorite, Mum says) and placed it in front of him. He licked the gravy and then rolled up to sleep for the rest of the morning. 

I also felt worried about my dad, so I curled up behind him. At one time, I licked his head and neck, but Mum wasn't quick enough with the camera. 
I, Ambrose cuddled up to my Dad Ginger on our donut

Unca Shadow dozing on Mum's bed in the early morning
Aunty Chappie asleep against our yoomen dad's pillow

As soon as Thandiwe came to clean the rondawel, Mum arrived with a long pointy thing filled with stuff. She gripped Dad Ginger's mouth, tipped his head back and squirted the stuff down his throat. He didn't even try to struggle; Mum told him she was giving him medicine to make him better. 

Later, when Mum gave us our cookies, Dad Ginger ate his. He had a drink of water and went outdoors. 
I rested in the sun with my Dad Ginger who was feeling much better

Yesterday I ickied up my cookies and know that Mum will soon come and give me the same medicine she gave Dad Ginger. Aunty Chappie and Unca Shadow will also get it. 

Although we kitties don't enjoy this treatment, we know that it makes us better. 

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  1. Happy Easter Jo Very glad to hear that all's well again woth dad Ginger

  2. Now I am dying to know what the icky stuff is and what it is for... so glad all of you are in good shape now. you all look BEAUTIFUL

  3. Good to know all is well! Happy Easter!


  4. Hope everyone is feeling better now!!

  5. The kitties are lucky to have such an attentive mom.

  6. What did he have ? Is he OK now ?


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