Thursday, April 6, 2017


I've had a rather exhausting day;  I will post about it soon. It's newsworthy, to say the least. 

So for tonight I have photos of our new breed of cat in the mountains! (Some of you have seen it on my Facebook page)

 The two-headed cat! 

Recently I met someone on Facebook through the horse, Thunder: : Paddy Jacobs. She was Thunder's first owner and had seen my FB post about him and Missy when Grant fed them maize cobs a few Sundays ago. Today is Paddy's birthday and Thunder wished her via Facebook!
 Thunder and Skabenga nosing each other
Missy and Thunder - note the sheer size of Thunder compared to Missy 

And because I was thinking of my dear friend, Sandra (Madsnapper) I decided to edit this photo ...
...with Lunapic 
... and fun



  1. Cool photo of the 2 headed cat!

  2. The picture with the two headed cats, terrific ! What a chance that they just lay like that ! I have seen the horses on Facebook !

  3. Hello, Love the cute kitty photos. Thunder is beautiful too. I saw the Paddy post on facebook. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  4. You know I love the edits as you are a dear friend. Thunder is huge! The two headed cat has me once again howling with laughter and I had already seen them on Facebook but I just love looking at them. They are so much alike and so beautiful.


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