Saturday, April 15, 2017

A mixed bag of critters

Over the past two weeks I've photographed a number of strange things; i.e the photos of Thunder below. Previously I'd walked along the servitude without my camera (you'd think I'd learn, don't you) and by the way Thunder was standing (and grazing - no posing for me) I could see Champagne Castle peak under his girth. Last week as I walked along the servitude, this time with my camera, he was grazing quite close to the road but he was facing the other way. I crouched down below him and took several photos even though the background was not the peak I was looking for. After the fifth or sixth click, Thunder noticed me and turned around completely as if to say: Gimme a break,  Ma! 
The hills in the background and the bales in front taken under the belly of a horse! 
 Our beautifully glossy Thunder  

The bales brought in closer under the horse's belly 
This is where Thunder got miffed with me and turned around completely! 
A spiderweb on the gate with the rising sun behind it
Guinea fowl running ahead of the car as we drove to our hike last Tuesday

We have a resident Swainsons Spurfowl who spends a great deal of every morning on one of the bales in the pecan paddock next to our rondawel
A cat at the farm where we collect our weekly fresh produce - he is so much like our Shadow I had to photograph him
The female Guinea pigs tuck into the smorgasbord I prepare for them twice a day
Hurricane (left) and two of the younger male Guinea pigs. When the young ones still lived with the females, and would race about the lawn during their "out" time, Grant named them The Razorblade Gang" . Above right are Razor and Chain

The male below was always the Alpha male and he and Hurricane could not stand each other. However, since separating the males and females a few months ago, these two males are now co-habiting quite peacefully. Below Ulgar Pulgar is eating in the partitioned area although the wall between the two adult males is non-existent these days. 
Ulgar Pulgar in the partitioned off part of the males' cage - he merely scales the two-brick-high wall! 

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  1. Hello Jo, I enjoyed the views under Thunder. He is handsome. Love the cute guinea pigs too, they are adorable. The fowl running in front of the car is funny, I hope they all got out of the way. Great critter post and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. sweet little Guinea pigs, and women and men always get in trouble when together. me thinks it is caused by the MALES. LOL I love your horse leg frames and borders. great shots from 'down under' the belly of Thunder... I used to sit my camera on the ground and fire away and see what I would get, I never got anything like this though

  3. Hi Jo, thanks for visiting me! You live in such a beautiful place, and have such gorgeous animals! This is the first time I have ever seen pretty photos framed by a horse! What a clever idea, it is really unique. The sweet guinea pigs are so cute, and I see you feed them so well. I got a laugh over the guinea fowl running with the car. A perfect and unbroken spider web is hard to find, not to mention hard to snap with the camera unless the sun is on it. Well done!!

  4. Oh my gosh Jo...your critters are fabulous! All of them. Now I must confess, I have not heard of the red necked spurfowl until today. Neat bird!

    Favorites are the kitty & Thunder.
    Happy Easter & hope you're enjoying your weekend.

    1. Hi Anni, thank goodness you mentioned the Spurfowl. I meant to correct the name: it's a Swainsons Spurfowl not the Red-necked. I'll pop over to your blog and tell you too!

  5. I have enjoyed your photos today Jo. Those with the horse's belly as a frame are wonderful! :)

  6. Wonderful critter photos ~ favorite is the horse one as they so creative ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  7. Wonderful views from under Thunder!!! LOL! Very creative perspective and the views are great!
    The Guinea Pigs are so cute!
    Happy weekend wishes!

  8. Awesome shots! All different views of some interesting critters. Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  9. ...WOW, what an interesting critter collection. I will never look at horses the same way again!

  10. Your sunrise pictures are amazing!!

  11. I can't believe you would go walking without your camera. That shot of the spider web is superb. Joan and I used to call the Guinea Fowl "breakfast" because they were so slow to move off the road.

  12. WOW! Interesting angle on some of the shots and I do not know (or remember) you had Guine Pigs. I used to have them also

  13. I have never seen such a beautiful spiderweb.

  14. Clever idea with the horse, I like, but I like even better the Guinea pigs, I use to breed them.
    All the best , Gordon.


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