Thursday, April 27, 2017

We're back !

We arrived home in the mountains yesterday at 3.30pm. 
The view which greets and re-energizes us! 

We've been away for a few days; to the Free State where we collected a couple of bags of warm clothes in preparation for the winter ahead. We arrived here in the early summer months last year and only brought our summer clothes (and cats and dogs, of course!) 

It's so good to be home! 



  1. Hello Jo, welcome home. Sometimes I am confused as to which home you are speaking of. You are back on the farm with the horses now? Love the gorgeous views. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!

  2. I knew you were gone and I saw pics on FB but did not know where you went or why... you are putting on winter clothes and we are shedding. today we are headed into the 90's and humidty that kills

  3. I'll bet winter can be cold in those mountains.

  4. Welcome back! Beautiful views. I hope you have brought back enough warm clothing for the cooler months ahead. It's been a long Winter in these part and though we've had nice days here and there since February we still don't quite have our warmer Spring weather on a regular basis. I think it is now around the corner.


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