Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Birthdays in the Cape

Hi there everyone! I've been away from Blogger for more than ten days - but - I'm back !

As I mentioned in my last but one post, we were about to undertake a trip to visit John, Debbie and children - and we were going by motorbike. Not just an ordinary motorcycle as I've posted about us riding before; no, this was a 20 year old Harley Davidson. 

But more about the whole trip in another post. This is about two of our granddaughters who share a birthday: Eryn, our oldest grandchild turned 14 last Monday and Bethany celebrated her eighth birthday. Eryn and Joshua were staying with me in 2009 when their dad took their mom to hospital to have Bethany. Eryn celebrated her sixth birthday that day!

This time, however, we rode into the mountains (with the Harley which is NOT an off-road bike) where John and family are staying while he does marine training at nearby Mossel Bay. We arrived on Sunday and after a lovely evening of catching up and talking about what's happening here on the farm, we all had an early night. 

Next morning Grant and I sat in the house with the children while their parents hid parents in different places on the large property. Debbie had skillfully worked out an interesting Treasure Hunt. 

Finally we were called outside where Joshua read the first clue. The children dashed off to look for the prize and second clue.We adults followed while enjoying the excitement of the children and the beautiful surroundings. 

At one point we had to scale a rather steep hillside and arrived at the top where Debbie had set out a picnic of choc-chip muffins and soda.
Enjoying the refreshment at the top of this hill

Finally the children arrived at clue number seven (there were eight clues) and were guided to an enclosure in he proprietor's yard. There was Bethany's gift - actually TWO gifts...
Bethany astride one of the two miniature horses which were her birthday gifts
Bethany and Keren pet Romeo

After everyone had collected their gifts (yes, they all received a little something on this special day), Debbie and I went back to the house. She asked if I would melt chocolate while she set out the cookies, marshmallows and wafer biscuits to dip into the chocolate fondue. I thought this was a very clever idea to serve this sweet treat instead of a traditional birthday cake. 
What child would say no to this delicious treat?

That afternoon we all walked several kilometers up the hill to get cell phone reception. Grant and I phoned Namusa who was looking after the property and our animals. John phoned Debbie's parents, Barbara and Mike, in Durban so that they could wish the girls for their birthdays.

Eryn received a Singer sewing machine for her birthday. She has great talent for dressmaking and was taught by a skilled woman (ironically called Dorcas) in Mozambique. I helped Eryn thread the machine and fill the bobbin. Then I showed her how to sew a hem on a traditional cloth she'd brought from Mozambique. And that was my limit. I have never been able to sew! 

After a mid-morning brunch on Tuesday morning, Grant and I loaded the bike,  greeted the family and set off. 
Not sure where Elijah was when this photo was taken. Here we are on our old thumper with five of our six grandchildren

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  1. What a fun day! And such sweet shots of the children.

  2. Hello JO, what a fun birthday celebration. Happy belated birthday to both of your granddaughters. Wonderful collection of family photos. I love the cute horses too. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and new week!

  3. Hop on a Harley, and go, go, go!

  4. What a fun birthday... Those kids are all just such beautiful children. I know how much you love all of them...

    The mountain area is so beautiful... I love seeing more of the mountains and landscapes in your area... Thanks for sharing.


  5. What a fun time you all had!

  6. Such a great celebration, especially that everyone got a present. These kids are growing up so fast. So I guess you'll have another couple of mouths to feed on the farm.

  7. Oh my goodness, a lovely little pony like that would have been my absolutely childhood dream come true. <3

  8. bob will be jealous over old thumper.. he will love it and want it. what a wonderful and wonder filled birthday celebration with the ponies the icing on the no cake. LOL... love the fondue sweets and agree about great idea... also like that photo of all of you on top of the hill with the beautiful rust colored dog

  9. What a fun and unique way to celebrate the birthdays. I'm glad you had a wonderful visit with your family.

  10. How nice to meet with the whole family and it looks as if you had a wonderful time ! Great birthday gift, a poney ! It seems so strange to me that a young girl wanted to have a sewing machine, here I think they would rather ask for a smart phone or make up, lol !


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