Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A strange bird post

I have a very strange post today. Here is the "victim" of a bird ; a raptor in this instance.

On Monday I took the dogs out at 5.30 am as usual. Later that morning, I walked to the far gate to open it for Leanne who was collecting the plane trees Namusa and I dug up for her.  

In the tracks of the road I noticed a furry animal. Well, not a complete animal as I saw when I got nearer. It was a partially disemboweled, beheaded rabbit. I didn't want to hang around it because I didn't want Eddy to eat it. I also realized that it had been killed by a raptor and probably been disturbed. (When Grant returned from Ant's place around lunch time he said he had probably disturbed the raptor as it was fresh when he passed on the little motorbike) 

Reading up in my bird book, I thought of the raptors I'd seen on and around the farm: a Steppe Buzzard; a Black Sparrowhawk and a Jackal Buzzard. Of the three, my book tells me that among other prey (reptiles and birds) the Jackal Buzzard was able to catch and kill mammals up to hare size. 

The photo I have of the Jackal  Buzzard was not taken on Monday (remember we didn't see the raptor) but I had photos of a pair of these birds taken along the road as we drive to the main road. 

For the squeamish, I suggest you don't look too closely at the photo of the rabbit (below)
The disemboweled, beheaded rabbit in the road tracks 
A photo of a Jackal Buzzard taken on another occasion and at another place in the valley

I'm linking to Wild Bird Wednesday here. I urge you to visit this blog by clicking the link. Stewart always posts the most amazing photos of birds. This week he has surpassed even himself!



  1. We been having quite a few white tail deer in road and all sort of aniamals are cleaning them up.
    Coffee is on

  2. Hello, Jo, poor bunny! The Buzzard is a handsome raptor. Great post and photos. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  3. He sure looks capable of killing a rabbit. this is just the food chain, and doesn't bother me, although I have a hate going on for our back yard hawk, he has decimated our bird population. it is not his fault, we are in the city and he has to hunt somewhere. all our squirrels disappeared to, but I saw a pregnant momma squirrel yesterday, so there must be two of them left. spring is hard in the food chain, we have heard the parents fighting off other birds for the past two days.

  4. Très bel oiseau qui semble vraiment puissant ;-)
    Céline & Philippe

  5. No, I'm not's all part of the circle of life! Excellent images Jo. Now, I must go check out what Stewart has this week.

  6. Part of the circle of life. But rather not in my driveway.


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