Monday, April 3, 2017

I'm back!

Hi there everyone. We're back home from our travels and I'm back into visiting here on Blogger.

As usual we hit the ground running (not really, but it sounds action packed, doesn't it?) and this morning I was down at the river with Namusa and of course, the dogs - who are thrilled to be walking all over the farm again!

Grant had gone out on the small motorbike to Ant's farm to replace the injectors in a tractor engine he's been repairing. This tractor will come to the farm when it's up and running and Grant cannot wait for the ultimate iconic symbol of husbandry (in his eyes) and that's to drive his tractor across the lands! 

Meanwhile, a friend of Debbie's had asked me if I could dig up seven plane trees growing at the river and several bulbine plants just beyond the boundary gate. Which Namusa and I did. 

Before I followed Namusa down the hill, I caught these two cats relaxing in the shade of the rondawel. 
Father and son: Ginger and Ambrose - aren't they so alike? 
Skabenga hurtles off down the hill (Namus, precious lady, was already digging up the trees)
And then it was time for a hardworking guard dog to cool off with a dip in the river
Eddie sniffed around in the reeds on the river bank
Namusa wheeling the plane trees up the hill
What an amazing lady Namusa is

To help ease the weight in the wheelbarrow, I picked four of the trees and carried them up ahead of Namusa. I asked her to take a photo of me but somehow she cut my head off. Oh well...
Ce'st moi with four of the plane trees. 
Musi chopped my head off but I'm sure you get the picture. LOL! 

Tomorrow we're off to meet with our fellow hikers after being away from the club for two weeks. We're doing a walk through and around the pine forests which supplies the community with wood. Nowadays we fire our boiler with pine chips - most efficient and much cheaper than the traditional logs John had brought in previously.

Happy Monday to you all! 


  1. Happy Monday, Jo! I hope your trip was a fun time. I enjoy seeing you, Namusa and Skabenga again. The Eddie photo is not showing for me? Enjoy your day and the new week ahead.

  2. You've got such great critters!

  3. hope you are having fun right now walking and hiking and climbing with friends. the photo she took is good, she only cut off one set of toes and your hat. bob cuts things off or has so much space below or above. the dogs are happy happy and having fun while you dig up trees. welcome home, missed you lots

  4. Welcome back! Nice pictures!

  5. Welcome home, and right back into the thick of things.

  6. Now I remember you told me that you would go away ! That's why I didn't hear from you. Charlie too jumped in all waters he saw ! He loved water !


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