Monday, March 23, 2009

Preparing for the New Baby

The baby doll is absolutely lifelike and cries if you remove the bottle. My granddaughter has taken to "motherhood" as if born to it!

My third grandchild is due to be born on Friday, 27th March. My son, John and his wife, Debbie together with their two children have come up to the Free State to be closer to the hospital in case the baby decides to arrive earlier.
The doll makes sucking sounds, her cheeks and lips move while drinking and her eyes open and close
To prepare their six-year-old daughter for the arrival of a new sibling and to make her feel part of caring for the baby, John and Debbie have bought her a real soft baby doll which cries, drinks milk from a bottle, sucks a dummy/pacifier and snores gently when she falls asleep.
Eyes begin to droop while ""mum" gives her the dummy/pacifier

The dolls eyes close and she begins to snore gently as she falls asleep
I was so impressed with this modern example of technology, that I photographed my granddaughter feeding and cuddling her baby. I thought it might be interesting to post these images.
My two-year-old grandson has been pushing one of my granddaughter's other dolls around in the pram. He is not at all perturbed about the new baby; it seems as if he can take it or leave it. As long as he has his scooter and tractors to play with, he is quite about the imminent arrival a new baby in the family.


  1. Hi there - just curious if you know the brand for this baby doll or where to purchase as I was looking for something similar for my daughter. Thanks!

  2. do you know the brand of this baby doll?
    thank you!


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