Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ideas to Reduce Stress in your Life - Part 2

Last week I did a post on de-stressing your life: Ideas to Reduce Stress in your Life (Part 1). Today I’m posting part 2 of that series and trust the you’ve already tried some of last weeks’ ideas and are feeling very relaxed.
Here goes...

1. Eat properly: Following a healthy diet will help keep you physically fit which will increase your energy levels.
2. Get physical: Along with point # 1 above, engage in an exercise that you enjoy and do it regularly. 45 minutes of spinning three times a week, will keep you fit, healthy and increase your energy levels. Alternatively, a brisk twenty – thirty minute walk every morning will also do wonders.
3. Get organized: Find a proper place for everything and replace everything in its proper place. If you don’t have to hunt for things when you need them, you will reduce your stress levels.
4. Write down thoughts and inspirations: If you think about a good idea, write it down. If you hear helpful ideas/inspirational talks, write them down so that you don’t forget them.
5. Find time to be alone: It’s good having people around but time alone enables you to recharge. Amalgamate this time with spending time with God. (point # 15 in last week’s list.)
6. Make friends with likeminded people: We all need encouragement in living up to the truths we hold dear in our lives. Being with people who share your values enhances this.
7. Keep favourite Bible verses readily available: Have cherished Bible Scriptures written down on a card or in a notebook and let them serve as a helpful reminders in stressful times.
8. Laugh: Mundane, everyday life can become disheartening. Take time to laugh. Maximise light-hearted moments.
9. Develop a forgiving attitude: Bitterness poisons your soul and can cause physical illness. Teach yourself to be more tolerant towards others.
10. Be kind to unkind/unfriendly people: They probably needed kindness the most.
11. Talk less, listen more: Be receptive to what others say; often you learn something useful but mainly you are allowing someone to unload a burden or share joy when you genuinely listen.
12. Remind yourself that you are not the General Manager of the Universe: Don’t try to do God’s job!
13. Remember your greatest ally: “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31)

Source (in part and partly paraphrased): Every Home for Christ South Africa Newsletter January 2009

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