Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Successful Baby Shower!

The beautiful invitation to Debbie's baby shower

We set the tables, umbrella and chairs outon the lawn

Two weeks ago I asked Amanda (my younger d.i.l.) to arrange a Stork Party/Baby Shower for Debbie, my older d.i.l. Amanda designed and printed beautiful invitation cards and together we handed them out. A Stork Party is held for a mother-to-be and all her friends bring baby clothes or pretty blankets and toiletries. As Debbie had lived in this town from early 2002 until 2008, she made many friends and is loved by all, so our guest list was rather long.

On Friday Debbie and John and the children arrived to stay with me, while they wait for the birth of their baby. This made arranging a surprise party for Debbie very tricky. However, I managed to collect the snacks I’d ordered and left them at Amanda’s house. I’d borrowed garden chairs from my dear neighbour, Pienkie. Her gardener carried them into the lane which runs behind our houses, and lifted them over the wall to my gardeners. They then left these behind my garage so that Debbie would not notice them and wonder...

Amanda set the tables beautiful with pink tablecloths, toys and baby clothes as props

At 12.45 on Tuesday, John decided to take Debbie out to coffee while I looked after the children. This was a ruse we’d agreed upon so that Amanda and I could get the seating and tables arranged in my garden as well as set out the tea things and eats. As he drove up the street, Amanda and I with the help of my gardeners, dashed about carrying chairs and tables across the lawn. We managed to have the tea and coffee cups set out and the snacks on the tables by the time the first guests arrived at 3pm. They had all been asked to park next door on my dear old neighbour, Pienkie’s lawn. This way there were no cars parked on the sidewalk outside my home.

All pretty in pinkIsn't this bib just toooo beautiful?

The ladies sit and wait for the guest of honour to arrive

At 3.15 John and Debbie arrived and Amanda went to meet Debbie. She asked if there was a party at Pienkie’s house as she saw all the cars; Amanda merely smiled and took Debbie’s hand.
Debbie asked Amanda if there is a party next door as there are so many cars parked on my neighbour's lawn!

Debbie suddenly sees all her friends in my garden

When they walked out of the entertainment area, Debbie saw the crowd of women waiting in the garden. Much excitement and greeting of old friends, and eventually Debbie sat down in a designated chair and began to open her gifts.
Great excitement as each gift is opened with much
ooohing and aaahing from the audience!

She received a variety of baby clothes and a gorgeous array of soft pink blankets, towels, a nappy/diaper bag, atoilet bag, bootees, mittens and woollen caps. As she opened the gift, the giver had to give her an inspirational and/or positive word. It was very special.
What a privilege it is to have such generous and supportive friends who bless you and your baby with beautiful gifts and their presence. A Baby Shower is normally only given for the first baby, so Debbie felt especially blessed this time.
Afterwards everyone enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee and sampled the many eats I had set out on the tea table.

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