Friday, March 6, 2009

Summer Rains Continue...

It's been raining and raining some more in the Free State. Every morning dawns bright and clear. The days are hot and sultry. By mid-afternoon, the clouds which have been building up since lunch time, turn black and lie low overhead.

Then it rains...

OK so what’s new? Weather-wise in the Free State, I mean? The summer rains started in earnest during the first week of January and it’s been raining ever since.


At last our flat dry land has had sufficient rain to raise the water table. The dams are overflowing, the spruits (brooks) which were either dried up or a mere trickle, are pumping downstream. The rivers? Well, the rivers are overflowing onto the roads in low lying areas, and everybody is happy, happy, happy!
A regular afternoon summer rainstorm

As for me, my garden continues to flourish and develop beautifully. All new growth which I planted at the beginning of the summer is strong and healthy. The older established plants and shrubs are just growin’ and growin’ ...
Tranquil and sunny after the daily afternoon shower of rain. Above is my garden on the sidewalk/pavement

I don't often post a photo of the above:
my old and well-established front garden
Cosmos (Bidens formosa), although not indigenous, is endemic to this area and grows in huge swarths along the country roads;
a truly glorious sight in late summer
Debbie and John relaxing in the shade
of my white stinkwoods (Celtis africana)

Along my southern boundary wall, I've created a woodland area


  1. I know we get so much rain over here we don't really appreciate it. In Summer when we have a few warm days a summer shower is welcome because everything smells so fresh and the colours are shining in the garden. I can imagine the joy of a decent rainfall where you are.

  2. Yes Peggy, we all have different needs and God sure knows how to supply it. Isn't it amazing how a shower of rain brings out the "best" (ie the colours, texture and smell) of everything around us. Sunshine, rain, storms and hot weather - we need them all! Thanks for popping in. Hugs Jo

  3. Weird to see January as summer. The whole month of January where I live was -40F below zero. I think I like your summer better :) Really enjoying your blog. We couldn't be farther apart world wise that's why I just HAD to follow your blog. Keep up the great work, Laura

  4. Hi Laura, nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'd love to know more about your part of the world, so I'll be popping onto your blog soon. We are almost past high summer and entering autumn (fall) Our winters are bleak but not too cold (-12 degrees C has been the coldest temperature here, and no snow although the mountains have lots in mid-winter Mid-June - first week in August. See you again. Hugs Jo


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