Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Last Days of Summer

At the close of summer, the aloe spp create cool colour, while providing nectar for the sunbirds visiting my garden

As the summer season draws to a close, the days become still and warm. The afternoons seem to stretch on forever, allowing you to enjoy halcyon days in the garden. To my mind the month of March has always been the most beautiful month of the year. Everything is in full bloom, while the leaves of the summer flowering trees and shrubs turn golden. After a summer season such as we’ve been blessed with this year, the world is looking even more beautiful than ever.

I always hold onto God’s promise of every season in its place and on time.

“As long as the earth remains, there will be springtime and harvest (autumn), cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night. “ Genesis 8:22
Euryops pectinatus flowers for many months, creating a splash of colour
Sunny gaillardias are ideal for that hot area in your garden.
The bright blooms make excellent cut flowers

These white Namaqualand daisies, (Dimorphotheca pluvialis)
flower profusely in the herbaceous bed above

Plumbago auriculata rewards the gardener with many months of beautiful blooms while attracting a mulitude of bees, butterflies and beetles
This part of my garden (above and below) always beckons you to move in closer to enjoy the cool shady spot under the old apricot trees

The afternoons seem to last forever enticing you
to sit and relax
The water takes on a new serenity in the late afternoon sun


  1. We are looking forward to our summer and hopefully some long sunny days like yours. The garden looks cool and inviting.

  2. Jo, you do have a beautiful garden. You must come do some landscaping for me. Enjoy those dog-days.
    Stock up lots of sun for the winter.

  3. Yes, Peggy, I will think of you when summer arrives in the Northern Hemisphere! Thanks for your kind comments. Hugs Jo

  4. Thanks Dedene, I'd love to come over and work with you in your garden! Afterwards we could stroll through your picturesque village and you could help me with French pronounciation! Hugs Jo

  5. Oh Jo, your garden is so beautiful!

  6. Thanks Esther, you are on my mind when I take photos of it, as you enjoy the nature pics so much! Hugs Jo


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