Sunday, March 29, 2009

Witness a Miracle

A perfectly formed little human: ten fingers and ten toes
Close-up of perfection

Yesterday when I saw my third grandchild for the first time, I realised I was witnessing a miracle from God.
Between her first and second child, my d.i.l., Debbie lost a baby. Then after having the little boy, she suffered two more miscarriages. She and John want to have four children and were really despondent by the time we all attended an open-air church service in Greytown, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

On that freezing cold morning last June, well-known South African evangelist, Angus Buchan delivered a powerful message of repentance and salvation. He then invited people to come up to the front and commit their lives to the Lord. After about 600 of the 1500-strong congregation had responded to the altar call, he invited people to come up for healing. Amongst those, were John and Debbie. They went up for divine healing of Debbie that she may be able to carry a baby full-term.

My husband and I were not at all surprised when John and Debbie told us in August that they were expecting their third child. In our experience, God always delivers.

Two sisters get to know one another

In September these two young people sold their home, (you can read about this here) stored their furniture and attended a three-month discipleship course. The next two months they went on an outreach into various townships in Kwa-Zulu-Natal. This led them to obey God to the utmost and instead of my son going back to work at sea, they have decided to remain together and work as full-time missionaries in the Drakensberg area.

Over the past months it has not been at all easy for John and Debbie. Apart from living in one room with two young children, and sharing everything (bathrooms, kitchen, meals,) with nine other young people, they have also had to endure fiery darts from the Enemy. They have had unbelievable opposition from “well-meaning” folk and family. These people cannot understand that John and Debbie are being totally obedient to God and trusting Him for everything in their lives.

When the interferers realised they were never going to convince John to leave his family and go back to his old life, they began to tell Debbie that the baby she is carrying will not be normal because of the conditions she has been living under. (For two weeks over Christmas John, Debbie, their children and all the others on the course, lived in tents in the middle of one of the largest squatter camps in Kwa-Zulu Natal, while they ministered to, worked for, and helped feed the inhabitants.)

Last Friday morning when this precious baby was born, all the Devil’s lies were proved to be just that: LIES.

She is perfect, she is beautiful and she is a miracle.

Below are some images of life in a Discipleship School and on the subsequent outreaches.

The children thrived at Y-WAM as there were lots of other little friends and lots of activities

Helping dad wash the dishes
Helping Mum wash the windows
As the Y-WAM vehicle arrives in the township
the children excitedly run to meet it

Members of the Y-WAM crew pick up litter in the township

My grandson sharing with the township children
while the adults clean up in the background


  1. What acts of love... I am speechless! Congratulations on your new grand baby

  2. Thanks rekathy, yes, these young people are the hands and feet of Jesus, an example to all who see it. Thanks, our new grand-baby is such a blessing! Hugs Jo


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