Thursday, March 19, 2009

Caring for your dog

Dogs need water at all times. In addition to two large bowls where they sleep, my dogs have three HUGE bowls of water to lap from at all times!
Angie gets INTO the water to drink
while Megan licks her lips from her refreshing drink

Angie in her "other" waterbowl refreshing her thirst while Eddy wonders whether she should get in to drink or just lap from the edge

Dogs enjoy space to roll and cavort

“Man’s best friend” this is what dog’s are known as; but are we (man) "dog’s best friend”?

Your dog needs lots of love and attention. If you keep a dog, he can guard your property and be a faithful friend. He can only serve you if he is properly looked after, healthy, strong and happy.

My garden is pet-and child friendly and they know it!

How to care for your dog:
Feed your dog pellets and meat to make him strong.

Do not feed him maize meal; it is not a balanced diet.

Ensure that your dog has clean water at all times. Keep the dish in a cool place and make sure it cannot be knocked over.

Do not use an old tin or tyre for water, because it will not stay clean.

Protect your dog from the cold, the rain and the sun. Make or buy him a wooden shelter to sleep in. It should have a raised, wooden floor so that your dog does not sleep on the cold ground.

Place clean newspaper or sacking (not plastic) in your dog’s shelter.

Do not use iron or tin to make your dog’s shelter. It becomes extremely hot in summer and cold in winter.

Dogs need to run and need exercise to become strong and healthy.

Ensure that your garden is fenced and the gate is shut so that your dog can have free range around your property.

Never tie a dog up on a chain. Remember your dog can only guard your home and protect your family if he can run free.

Never let your dog run in the streets.

If you go away on holiday, the best place to leave your dogs is at a reputable boarding kennel.

If you leave your pets at home, make sure you have someone responsible to see to their needs on a daily basis.

A responsible person will:
Make sure that your gates are kept closed while you are away.

Make sure there is always fresh food and water (supplied by you)

Check to see if your pets are sick and call a vet if necessary.

Check on your pets at least once in 24 hours.

Ensure your dog is protected from the elements.

My dogs love being in the garden with me

In conclusion

All pups should be innoculated and de-wormed at 6 weeks, again at 6 months and then annually.

Have your dog neutered/spayed as soon as they come of age. There are thousands of unwanted dogs in the world; don’t let us add to this misery.
Have all your pets inoculated against rabies once a year.

Never leave a dog or cat locked in the car on a hot day. They can suffer heat stroke within minutes. Remember, unlike people, they cannot take off their coats!

Eddy, Angie and Megan wait patiently, under the leashes (just visible)hanging at the door, for me to take them for a walk

Above all take your dog for regular walks (on a leash), pat him regularly and love him dearly. He will reward you by being the most loyal friend you have ever had.

Source: (Paraphrased and used in part) Checkers Consumer Sense


  1. Sheba needs a lot of water, as she is always putting her paws in it to cool down her system. The only think I would add to your list is to spend as much time together with your dog as possible. It's surprising how many activities we can actually do together, if we just go an extra mile and offer the proper training that the activity requires. Little by little is how it goes, right? Also, when you get a pup, try to visualize what the ultimate adulthood would be, and what activities you would want to do together. Then slowly introduce the puppy to those things as early as possible, even if it's just a few moments at the time. You will be eternally grateful, for there is nothing more pleasurable either for dog or man than to be able to do things together without friction. And whenever things go wrong, make sure to take the responsibility for it yourself and not blame the dog. Dogs can't talk, and often, we don't read the signals for need of activity before it's too late. When that happens (something was broken, ripped apart etc), just resume your responsibility and prevent such behavior by giving the dog good exercise, true leadership and then finally, lots of affection.

    And remember, from time to time, your dog will actually want to grow tired from the real thing!

    And oh yes, and before buying a puppy - make sure to read up on the breed first, so you don't choose a dog whose activity needs you won't be able to answer to... Those are often the dogs who end up "in need of a new home".

  2. Thanks Esther, you understand exactly what the responsibility of a dog owner is. And your dogs and other gorgeous pets show the results of your wonderful caring. Thanks for adding value to my post with these extra tips. Hugs Jo

  3. I wish that every pet owner would take a test before they receive their animal.
    I think Pacha is well cared for. Does sleeping on the couch count as good point?

  4. Hear, hear, Dedene! We had to undergo quite a stringent interview and test when we adopted Angie from the SPCA. Oooh, I think Pacha is SO well cared for and loved to bits. That is what counts more than anything. Attention (which encompasses all I listed) and love. Hugs Jo


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