Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hello fellow bloggers from Khartoum! I arrived here in my husband's flat at 3am today. The trip was not straightforward at all but it was quite exciting all told.

My flight from Johannesburg on Thursday departed more than an hour late. There was a connecting flight in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at 21h30 that evening.

We missed it!

Arriving at 22h00, we disembarked, entered the arrivals hall in Addis Ababa airport and were met with a seething mass of people. Every passenger who had missed their connecting flights that evening (some to Nairobi, others to Cairo, even others to Bangkok) was trying to get their hotel voucher from three harried ladies behind a short counter.

We eventually received the necessary documents (I had met up with one young student working on a water project in Khartoum) and were bussed to a three-star hotel in the city centre.

On Friday I awoke refreshed; after a quick breakfast served by efficient hotel staff, I booked a taxi and made a tour through the city!

I took many photos; my taxi driver was very knowledgeable about his country and the city in particular and I will soon blog about my interesting experience in this historic land.


  1. It all sounds very exotic and exciting. Glad you arrived safely.

  2. Jo, so happy to hear that you arrived safely - albeit a bit of an adventure, by the sounds of it ! Catching a taxi in a strange city to go sight seeing for a few hours before catching your next flight out sounds like just the sort of thing I'd have done - what fun ! Never a dull moment, 'eh ?!
    ((HUGS)) to you

  3. Hi diane;) it is very exciting and I can see the "exotic" in it all, though many don't. There are people who complain and whine instead of just making the best of a [bad] situation.

    Hi Lynda, ooh boy, you were on my mind a lot yesterday. I know you would have...

  4. Glad you are there! Carpe diem! You live every day to it's fullest - a detour can certainly be fun. (We took wrong turn-off in Johannesburg 31 Dec., and end up by seeing the new 2010 Soccer-stadium!) (((H)))

  5. What an exciting life you lead! I'm glad the hotel stay worked out well for you. Sounds like you're always up for an adventure!

  6. Hi Ida;) you are a darling! Dis waar: 'n ompad in hierdie geval was 'n goeie geleentheid om 'n and Afrika-land te sien. Shoe, ek wens ek kan die stadion in lewende lywe sien. Blessings. Jo xxx

  7. Ah Pat;) this morning at 4am when I couldn't fall asleep, I'd forgotten the exciting bits. However, I had an afternoon nap (something I never do because of my early to bed, early to rise habits) and feel most refreshed. (((Hugs))) Jo

  8. Seems like all your flights are adventures Jo. Yet you made it safe and sound. Look forward to more pics from your sidetrip.

  9. I'm glad you arrived safely, even if not exactly smoothly. Will look forward to learning of your sight-seeing venture.

  10. Hi Gaelyn;) thanks, I will be posting about my Addis trip shortly. AND I will be able to start visiting your blog more regularly again. (((Hugs))) Jo

    Hi Janie;) yes, I did arrive safely and feel a lot more rested today than I did yesterday. I look forward to being able to visit your blog more regularly now again. (((Hugs))) Jo

  11. Jo, what an adventure! You lead an interesting life.


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