Friday, January 15, 2010

Sunrise over Khartoum

These photos were taken from my rooftop this weekFor more skies, click here


  1. Hi Jo. Those are lovely sky shots with fantastic colors.

    Hope you're doing fine. I'll peek again next time to see how is it there in Sudan thought I have seen some photos here in your blog. I need a longer time to sit and read everything. I would love to read every lines :)

    Have a great weekend ahead.

  2. Beautiful shot. I hope you're enjoying your new temporary home.

  3. these are lovely!

    love your blog!
    have a great weekend!
    Come watch the sky with me!
    Happy Weekend ahead!


  4. Fantastic captures, Jo! Marvelous colors! Wishing you a lovely weekend! Hope all is going well in Khartoum!


  5. Thanks Misalyn;) we're almost neighbours (LOL!) I've become your follower and appreciate you reading mine. It's Sunday here in the Sudan - so am already enjoying the weekend, thanks. Be blessed. Jo

  6. Thanks Julie!

    Thank you Janie, I am settling in well, thanks.

    Hi fickleinpink;) thanks for your kind comment and visiting my blog. I love yours too and will pop over shortly.

    Thanks Sylvia;) all's well, albeit a bit (no a LOT) dusty! Hence the beautiful sunrise/sunset hues. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Fantastic colours - looks like a fire in the sky.
    I wish you a great weekend.

  8. You have a beautiful sky to jog under.

  9. Hello Jo, you have beautiful colors in your sky. Great capture. Happy skywatching.

  10. Lovely colours! What season is the "rainfall" season? How far is the Nile from your home? (((I)))

  11. Hi Randi;) it does look fiery, not so? Thanks have a wonderful weekend. Off to visit your blog shortly.

    Hi diane;) at least it's still a cool sky. As from April the temperatures soar!

    Thanks Eileen;) I consider that a great compliment from you.

    Hallo Esther, for us there's nothingto beat the African sky, not so?

    Hi Ida;) we're in dry season (winter) now. The Nile is about ten minutes walk and three minutes drive from my home. I buy my fruite and vegetables from stalls along the Nile (only just discovered these merchants - good prices) and will be doing a post on my excursions soon.

  12. Jo: Wonderful capture of the colorful sky, I'm so happy to see the southern sunshine.

  13. Thanks Tom and thanks for a wonderful meme. I enjoy it immensely. Have a good weekend.

  14. Hi Jo, I've caught up with your blog this morning. That's neat that your friend has learned the computer --and can Skype with you!!!

    Your pasta looks healthy and delicious. Good luck with the exercise.

    AND--your sky pictures are fabulous...

    Hope everything is going well with you there now. How are the birdies???

  15. Hello Jo. Beautiful sunrise!
    Enjoy your stay.

    Take care and God bless.

    Best regards.

  16. Jo,
    I love your blog and photos! And I loved reading about you although I'm going to have to find out what an expat is and what you do exactly. I too am a saved believer trying to live a Purpose-Driven Life here in the Sierra foothills of California. I look forward to getting to know you through your blog. Have a blessed day.
    Your sister in christ,

  17. Hi Jo! hope you are settling nicely into your North African experiecne!! Lovely sky shots!
    Gena @ Thinking Aloud
    a photoblog
    South Africa


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