Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunrise, a sprain, air traffic, a kiss and cleanliness

On Sunday morning I went up onto the roof after "doing" the steps. However, I was a little later than normal. The sun was already rising so I decided to run without my hand-held torch.

This was to my detriment. As I started into my ninth lap, I heard something in the street below. I looked over the parapet and when I turned to carry on running, I tripped over the Cable TV Dish cord. (Served me right for being so inquisitive!) I hit the surface on my right side just managing to keep my face from grinding into the dusty concrete. I stood up, dusted myself off and took stock of the damage. I had deep grazes on my right elbow, -hand and -knee.
I limped indoors feeling very sorry for myself, had a shower and rubbed ointment onto the injuries. My left wrist, though not externally injured throbbed with pain. I'd obviously "caught myself with this hand. My darling husband popped into the pharmacy on the way home from work and bought stretch bandage and an anti-inflammatory creme. He applied the ointment and wrapped my wrist firmly. I must admit, the pain has abated and I'm almost sure that by tomorrow I can remove the bandage. I have continued to run, using my torch again!

Meanwhile we popped into the city on Tuesday for a few items. While waiting in a traffic jam near the airport, I managed to capture a close and clear image of a plane coming in to land.

The army was out in force and we spotted many low-flying defence force helicopters.

Come-on Sweet-Pea, give us a kiss...
Back home I took a few photos of our budgies. This is not easy as the cage bars always detract from the birds and little Sweet Pea is also still quite shy. She keeps diving into her nest. They continue to thrive as a pair.
When I unpacked the groceries, I looked more closely at the toilet soap we'd bought. I LOVED the "Strawberries and Cream" soap. You can actually see pieces of "strawberry in the cake! The other soap also tickled me:
It is called "Wake me up" ...
All in a day's work in Khartoum.


  1. Hope your wrist feels better soon! (I broke my left wrist year before last--ouch!!) Carry that torch! (Literally & figuratively!)

  2. Sorry you fell Jo... Hope you are fine tomorrow-- but you may be even more sore for a few days. Take it easy!!!!!

    That strawberry soap is probably good enough to eat... NOT!!!! ha...

    Love your little birdies.. Hopefully he won't be shy much longer.

    Great post, Jo... Take Care!!!

  3. Am very sorry you had an accident but am glad to hear your wrist feels better already. The strawberry soap looks wonderful. We have lux here too but I've yet to see the two "flavours" you are showing in your blog. Love the little budgie :-)

  4. Sorry about your mishap. Hope it feels better soon.
    My Grandfather used to raise budgies, my Mom had one exactly like yours and brought it with her to America from England. It was documented as being able to say over 200 words, many in sentences.
    Thanks for the memory and sorry to ramble!
    Sunny :)

  5. Sorry about the fall; hope you're up and running (literally!) soon again! Love the sunrise - bright yellow is the Northern African winter theme right now... or so it seems! :-) That soap looks lovely! Will look out for it in the stores over here. Haven't seen it so far but Lux is a common brand.

  6. Hope you are MUCH better and that you receive a lot of TLC when your hubby is at home! ...and when you smell like "strawberries and cream"(ohhh, how nice *sigh*), he might take you to the next Wimbledon Tournament!!!

    Re yesterday's post: "Hlohonolofatsa - God bless you". (Julia, the precious Sotho-lady that's working in my house, did the translation.)

  7. I hate that you hurt yourself, I hope you do have a fast recovery.

    I love the image of the planes, I work for American Airlines, so one would think I would be used to them.

    I've found that when possible, take photos from inside the cage, it makes for an interesting perspective. (if doing so will not scare the creatures.)

  8. Ouch! I bet you were sore for a while. Take care and don't be so nosey. (hee hee)
    Running up stairs and around the roof. You amaze me.

  9. Jo, I'm so sorry about your wrist. Are you sure it isn't sprained?
    Your little budgie is so darling. Glad she's getting a bit braver.

    Get well soon!

  10. Hope that you feel better today Jo. Please take some analgesics if the pain is too bad.

    Great captures Jo. Love the sun as it spreads it majestic rays in a horizon.

    Please take care Jo.

    off topic:
    read your e-mail today. so sorry for being so slow with replying. just finished my 3 night shifts for this week.

  11. Thanks everyone for the concern about my wrist and the kind comments. My wrist is a little sensitive and still wrapped; should be fine in a day or two. I am running with a torch now again! (((Hugs))) Jo

  12. Jo, I do ejoy your blog very much. It gives me so much to chuckle about. Not really a good idea not to heed God's, or guardian angel's warning about the torch. Hope you heal up quickly and did not suffer a hairline fracture in that wrist.

    Photographing caged birds or anything behind an unavoidable wire fence, it is best to put the lense up flush with the bars ... you will be amazed at the difference, there will just be a bit of blurring. You need to focus on the bird not a bar though.

    I have just got a few shots of my finches that my g-daughter gave me when my heart went on strike again due to another heat wave.

    My moon shots are pure flukes, I just focus on the moon, leave the flash on and shoot on automatic. The flash makes no difference to the moon since it is far away, but tricks the camera into not over exposing.

    Hugs Arija


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