Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Foster Pet-Children

Rambo, the new male budgie is very confident compared to his predessesor; this has brought Sweet Pea out of her shell, er, feathers...

Last year I posted about our pet birds in Khartoum. You can read about this here.

Just before Christmas my husband told me that the little green budgie (the male) had died during the night. The original owner (the general manager whom I babysat for and now has given us the birds) told him that the bird was about three years old. Obviously he had died of old age, poor lad.

Nevertheless, my husband went off to the pet shop where we'd bought the new cage and bought a new male. Sweet Pea took to him immediately and the new lad, named Rambo, has settled in beautifully.

I brought them new seed bells and a seed column. They also have two musical bells, a ladder, a mirror (which has been pecked to pieces already) and special grit sheets lining the cage. They especially love these sheets which keep their beaks and claws in tip-top shape.

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  1. Hope Rambo and Sweet Pea will give you much joy - they are lucky to have YOU taking care of them!!!

  2. What lovely things you've bought for them to make their little home cozy, Jo - I agree with Ida - they're lucky to have YOU ;)

  3. So glad SweetPea has a new beau. And that you still have pets around.


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