Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby Growing Up

Hellooo! Outdoor bathwater taste really yummy

A little over nine months ago, our third grandchild and second granddaughter was born. You can read about this here.

John, Debbie and the children were staying with me for the birth of this newest little Hedges. When she was a little over two weeks old, they all went back to their home in the Drakensberg.

There's a baby in there somewhere...

In mid-May they visited as it was my younger son, Angus' thirtieth birthday which we celebrated here in my home. They stayed on for a few days so I had a chance to share their new baby with them again.

On 10th July they came up to celebrate three-year-old son's birthday at his gran's home. They stayed on for a week again and by this time the little one was four months old and beginning to show awareness in her surroundings already.

In August I flew up to be with my husband in the Sudan and John, Debbie and the three children moved into my home to take care of my pets in my absence. I returned in September and am waiting to go up to him again. John, Debbie and the children are still with me. They intend to start building their home on their land in the Drakensberg in mid-January.

Oooh, I love you, baby sister!

Not long and she'll be crawling

Yesterday, New Year's Day, John and Debbie took a group of hikers to climb the Drakensberg. This is one of John's businesses, now that he no longer works at sea. I offered to look after the three children while their parents were away and that is what I'm doing for part of this weekend.

A challenging but fun time for all of us.


  1. Hi Jo!! Back from a lovely family time in Mauritius! Die saamwees as gesin was so baie spesiaal. :-D

  2. Hallo Ida, welkom terug! Alle seen en vrede vir 2010. Ek lief jou. Jo.

  3. I bet that kept you busy and on your toes. They are lovely grand children.

  4. You are a wonderful Grandmother Jo. The kids are adorable.


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