Thursday, January 28, 2010

Curry the Dog Dewormed

The huge worm tablet measured three centimeters
Two weeks ago (on advice from my dear friend, Lynda) we set a project in action to deworm Curry, the dog which I posted about here. I say "project" because in Africa nothing is straightforward. Back home in first-world South Africa I'd pop into the vet and get worm tablets for my dog or cat. Not so simple here in Khartoum. Firstly, my husband asked around where we could find a vet. The night-watchman at the workshop said he would go to the vet for hubby and get whatever he needed.

The next day the night-watchman came to work and said the vet wanted to take blood from the dog before he could hand out the tablets. (Doh! No-one can come near Curry yet, so how would we catch him to take him to the vet?) Then the nightwatchman gave my husband an address of a shop which sells veterinarian products. Eventually after many stops and driving around the backstreets of the city,(I wish I had been with hubby; I'd have taken photos!) he arrived at the vet's shop. The man behind the counter spoke perfect English and knew exactly what was required. He placed a HUGE oblong tablet on the counter and told my husband that it should be cut into four pieces and administered every two weeks.

Curry reckonizes the ute we drive and is waiting for his food!

The night before de-worming day, I dished the leftover dinner into the container for Curry's food as normal. The next morning my husband crushed the tablet into the food, mixed it well and I added a little instant gravy for good measure.

Curry finished the last morsel of his food which was lace with de-worming medicine
When we placed the food into Curry's "dinner plate" he immediately started to eat it. My husband thought he might turn up his nose - what? At that delicious meal? No way. Curry ate every last drop, even licking the plate clean as he always does.

We have also begun crush a clove of fresh garlic in his food. I used to do this for my dogs when I lived on the diamond mines surrounded by the Namib desert. I believe it keeps fleas and ticks away which is a great help in this case where we cannot touch Curry to apply flea powder.

My husband has already noticed a vast improvement in Curry's appearance. His coat is beginning to shine (well, as much as it can under the dust and grime of his short life-time) and he is also filling out by the day. I will be going over to the workshop on the two-week date and will take more photos. I believe he will show a marked improvement to his already good condition.
Thank you dear Lynda, for reminding me of this important preventitive measure.


  1. How neat, Jo. I love to read 'success' stories... Hopefully someday--Curry will trust you enough to pet him...


  2. It is so wonderful that you have taken this puppy in, I do hope that as time goes on that he will grow to trust you more.

  3. Thanks Betsy;) yes, we'd love to be able to pet him but will be patient (one of the fruits of the Spirit to be exercised - probably the second most difficult with self-control being the most difficult!) (((Hugs))) Jo

  4. Ihmm… special treats for deworming day? He'll love it!! Eerste keer dat ek hoor van knoffel vir honde. Sal dit probeer - dalk werk dit nog beter as die poeier vir groter honde!

  5. Oh Jo - that's fantastic news ! How lucky you are to have found a shop that sells veterinary supplies, too - as we know, in far flung remote Africa this is a REAL little gem. (Is it my imagination, or is Curry looking even heathier/fatter since the photo's you posted on your last post ?)
    I have been reading all your posts and am sorry to hear about your injury - hope you are healing now (sounded like a story out of my daughter's "Little Miss Nosey" book LOL !)
    Loved the Challa Bread post & the bicycle story and photo's were toooo precious (esp. the covering of eyes !)...
    Oh, and the soap is exactly the kind we get here, too ! The purple one 'Young & Radiant' is our favourite and even hubby enjoys using it !
    Big ((HUGS)) to you, & special pats (from afar for now) for Curry ;)

  6. Hi Ida, I cannot imagine how anyone can like Instant Gravy; we have a huge stock left here by the previous owner, so Curry is spoilt with this extra from time to time. Ja, knoffel in hulle kos help om die vlooie en bosluise weg te hou. My honde en katte by die huis kry daardie duur Frontline wat mens aanspuit maar dit hou vir drie maande! Dankie vir al jou hulp met die fotos en jou gereelde lees hier. Liedfde Jo

    Hi Lynda, yes, it was a precious find and as with everything here in Khartoum, when you find one type of shop, you get about five in a row! Curry is looking better than in the last photos which were taken two weeks before these. Tomorrow is the second dose day and I will be there to take the photos! I wondered what the purple soaps were. I saw them wrapped in huge packs (not yet unpacked)but when I tried to turn the pack over hubby said, you have enough soaps in the basket already! No imagination! (LOL!) I will buy a couple of that fragrance when we go shopping again. Curry sends wags - happy little lad that he is already. (((Hugs))) Jo

  7. Thanks Grant, he is already very used to my husband and the technician; they feed him daily. He still has to get used to me - I only see him once a week on a Friday (which is Sunday in the Sudan!) Thanks for visiting.

  8. You can really see a difference in Curry's appearance from earlier pictures. He is a lucky dog that you and your husband have been so kind to him.
    Sunny :)

  9. Thanks Sunny, we're enjoying caring for this poor animal while we are here. There are two other people at the workshop who will be able to feed him when we are away on break in a month's time.

  10. I'm glad to hear he's doing so well!

  11. Dear Jo,
    I live in Khartoum as well and also have been friends with some wonderful stray dogs -- especially 2 sweet, gentle females who had had puppies just about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, they have been killed last week by the police. Literally dragged away from their still blind tiny puppies and shot dead. It is all due to the latest dog elimination campaign in Khartoum -- they have already killed over 4000 dogs and are saying they will kill all of them by the end of next week.
    Please take care of Curry if you can, without you he won't have a chance against guns, especially that right now the Sudanese newspapers are all full of anti-dogs articles and even normal citizens shoot them every day.
    Needless to say I miss my poor dogs very very much.
    Best wishes,

  12. Dear Agnieszka, I read your comment with my heart in my mouth. I only hope that these police don't go to the "old" workshop which is rather out of the way. The dog is in the back alley and never ventures into the street. What a pity that they are not doing this humanely. To drag whelping dogs away with such harshness. There is a very pregnant dog in my street; I saw her recently but now I wonder... Thanks for your warning. Please could you email me - I cannot access your profile. Bless you my friend. Jo

  13. Hi Jo,
    my e-mail is
    please feel free to get in touch -- I live in Riyaad, have just adopted a dog, kind of had to in the curren circumstances, I couldn't stand looking at the killings without doing something any more, and right now am thinking if there is anything more that can be done to stop it.
    Best wishes,


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