Friday, April 8, 2011

Sunset, sunrise Baringo Lake

Sunset over Lake Baringo on Saturday
Sunrise over Lake Baringo on Sunday

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  1. Gorgeous, breathtaking captures, Jo! The first one in particular is really awesome, but I love both of them. Hope you and your family are doing well! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Oh My Gosh... How awesome... We have a sunrise point and a sunset point on the mountain when we go to Arkansas... We love to see both sunrise and sunset...

    I'd love to be on that island...

  3. Hi Jo, it's been a while... wow this is another awesome shots of yours.. dropping by here saying hello on a Friday. God Bless.!

  4. Interesting colours, 1 cold, 1 warm, 2 versions of a sunrise!

  5. Beautiful photos!

    Looking at your photos, I can say that you are enjoying your stay there in Kenya. The place looks so nice and a perfect place for nature and wildlife photography. Wish I could visit more often Jo. I am waiting for this month to be over and I'll be having a nice schedule and definitely to blog hop more.

    Have a nice weekend dear!Regards to your hubby.

  6. You truly are residing in paradise, Jo! Your photography is, as always, breath-taking and transports me right into the picture. I always leave here feeling as though I've had a mini-holiday :) Thank you for sharing it all with us so generously!

  7. It is a beautiful big lake and I love the sunset....I'm not a morning person when I'm on holidays.

  8. What a beautiful day, beginning and end!

  9. Lovely photos, Jo! I love being up to see the sun rising. The lake looks ike a beautiful place for photos.

  10. These are both beautiful sky paintings, Jo! You are in a lovely place.


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