Monday, April 11, 2011

Wonderful weekend in the Kimwarer Valley

On Saturday morning I baked bread, pitas, banana bread and carrot and apple loaf. I also prepared two pizza bases which I filled and baked for Grant's supper on Saturday night. He took the other one to Johan who lives three doors from us down the lane!

I cut a few slices of the banana bread and the carrot and apple loaf, buttered it, and placed it on a plate. I added three tiny rosebuds and a small fern and took this all to Sharda. She has been ill with a chest complaint and was taken to Nairobi to consult a specialist. She returned on Friday so I thought it appropriate I visit her on Saturday. The medication is taking effect and she is on the mend.

Sharda's house is two doors from mine down this lane. Doesn't it look enchanting?

I photographed this monkey from inside my house. His mother was sitting to the right and would have grabbed her baby up and disappeared over the wall if she'd seen me

On Sunday morning Grant and I went out birding. We saw many and I photographed many which I will post about this week. Driving through the village on our way back to the camp, I spotted a cat sitting on an open area under the trees. Grant stopped so that I could take photos. By the regal attitude and almost disdainful expression on this cat's face, you'd think it was royalty. Yet it's just another feral cat, fending for itself

Last week our outdoor furniture arrived. Grant invited Nico, Sue and Johan for lunch on Sunday which, of course, was a braai. (BBQ)

To see what other people did over the weekend, click here. Thanks to Gattina from Writer Cramps for hosting this fun meme.


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend, Jo.... Your bread looks yummy... AND--I love your outdoor furniture.... Gorgeous!!!!

    Cute little monkey...


  2. The setting looks so lovely and peaceful. Your baking looks delish. I hope Sharda is back to her best self in no time :-)

  3. I could smell the bread baking, yum. I'm surprised you didn't end up with another cat.

  4. You were busy again, Jo. You make baking sound so easy and the results look so delicious! Shard must have been delighted with her welome home gift!

    You verandah looks wonderful all set up for lunch. Such a super setting!

  5. Where do you get all that energy!
    You must have to keep your windows closed to keep the monkeys out.

  6. Yummy! Yummy! And how thoughtful of you to bring an ill friend those wonderful gifts made by yourself.

    Your pictures never disappoint sister. Love the atmosphere in your backyard. So serene! God bless and take care.

  7. Looks like if you had a wonderful weekend ! you are real baking artist ! I wished I also had a little monkey baby in my garden, cats we have enough, lol !
    I feel a little better but the medication makes me so tired !

  8. Your weekend looks wonderful. The baby monkey is too cute.
    I must learn how to make bread, you are such an inspiration.

  9. Love the Baby!!!Ahhhhhh!
    And love your home shots...what a beautiful place!

  10. You are so productive with all your baking, Jo! The banana bread makes my mouth water. How sweet of you to take it over to Sharda. I'm glad she's feeling better.

    That little monkey is adorable...and your new patio furniture is lovely!

  11. JO, sounds like you had a nice weekend. The breads all look so yummy. The baby monkey is so cute, must be cool to see them so close to your home.


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