Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kimwarer Centre Market

Most Tuesdays Sue and I visit the local fresh fruit and vegetable market in Kimwarer Centre, about five kilometres from the camp. This time after I made my purchases, I walked over to an old building and photographed the shop with a sign hanging over the front of the building.
The Joy Beauty and Hair Saloon was not yet open for business when I took this photo

Next door to the ladies' Beauty and Hair Saloon, is a barber shop offering the Jordan Haircut a flat-topped, retro hairstyle favoured by the modern man in North Africa

This happy little boy is playing on a structure which the children use as a jungle gym. Here he calls to his friends just out of sight to the right who were too nervous to approach too near to the Mzungu (white man/European/foreigner)
There is so much around me as I live in and travel around Kenya: beauty, love, grace, nature and raw Africa. The company we work for and Nico and Sue in particular, spend a lot of time, money and energy on the upliftment of the community, especially the children in the Kimwarer Valley. I have posted about the school and the enjoyment we get out of being involved.  You can read about this here. Once the holidays are over, I look forward to re-immersing myelf in the school activities with Sue and Sharda.
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  1. I can see and feel your love for Kenya coming through in every post my dear Jo. Now you know why I love it so much ;-)

  2. Good for the company, and it's emplyees/spouses, work with the local community. What a happy face on this handsome young lad. Will you try out Joy Hair when it opens?

  3. Great pictures, Jo.... That is the sweetest little boy... What adorable pictures... Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lol..."hair saloon"!

    That little boy is so cute! He does not look at all afraid, as did his friends.

    It is wonderful that the company Grant works for, as well as Nico and Sue, do so much for the children of the Kimwarer Valley.

  5. Engaging photos of a unique place and people.

  6. hehe ... Great pics Jo ... I just love taking pics of kids because they're so natural ...

  7. Marvelous photos as always, Jo! I do so admire all that you do and for the love you have for the country and the people. The little guy is so cute! Hope you have a great week!


  8. Jo...I am thrilled to have found a photographer blogger from Kenya. This is absolutely wonderful. I have added my name to your followers and an going to add to the blog roll on my blog. Your photos are wonderful. The structures remind me of Costa Rica way down on the Osa Peninsula...and in Belize, too. They have so much personality and are very functional without spending an arm and a leg. Love your photography and look forward to see lots more of it in the day and months to come. Genie


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