Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lake Baringo

Continuing posts about our weekend to two of Kenya's eight lakes, we arrived at Lake Baringo at mid-morning. A boat was waiting on the mainland to take us across the lake to Island Camp, on Ol Kokwe Island in the middle of Lake Baringo, a freshwater lake in Kenya's Great Rift Valley.
Our boat trip took 25 minutes across from the mainland to the island, which gave us a fair idea of the vastness of Lake Baringo.  Island Camp a rustic, remote resort in the middle of Lake Begoria in the middle of Africa!  (Photo source: Internet)

Our accommodation was roomy, simple and comfortable with the lake almost lapping at the tent opening

The camp was built to follow the natural topography of the land with tents perched on rocky outcrops or under trees. Winding paths lead down from the pool to the informal dining and bar areas.  It is so well-designed that no tented accommodation is visible from the other.
Before lunch we enjoyed a drink in the reception/ bar with a view of the camp and the lake below

East African Rainbow Lizards (Agama agama lionotus) were visible all over the camp. As much as I tried, I couldn't get a good photo of the male which is brightly coloured (see below)  
The East African Rainbow Lizard ( Agama agama leonotus ) male is brightly coloured - photo source: Internet
With the recreational bar and barbeque area behind me as I took this photo, the view from the swimming pool over the lake to the surrounding Great Rift Valley beyond and the reflections of blue skies, fleecy clouds and indigenous trees, all spell one thing: relaxation!

The camp is the perfect location to sit back, relax and watch the world go by, or if you are feeling more energetic, there are many exciting ways to explore the island: you can take a boat ride to feed the fish-eagles, or opt for another boat trip around the island viewing the many birds, hippos, crocodiles and Njempe join a sunset cruise to Rock Gibralta and take in the most stunning African sunsets over the lake,  go on a guided bird walk around the island or try your hand at fishing.

At Baringo Island Camp you really do feel that you have escaped the bustle of city life. There are no televisions on the island and although there is cell phone reception from certain vantage points, these intrusive little modern-day gadgets are not encouraged. It was wonderful not to hear all manner of ringtones and then be subjected to listening to a loud, one-sided conversation . Instead you could wander, camera in hand,  watching birds, relax in front of your tent, watching the many birds fishing below in the lake or enjoy tea and biscuits at the pool.

Lake Baringo is a birder's paradise and although I believe the birds are in abundance on the mainland, the island offered more birds than I have seen in one day. More about this tomorrow.

As I mentioned in a post last month, my brother who lives in South Africa, started a blog. If you haven't visited him yet, or haven't been back for a while, do take a look at his interesting posts and photos. You can see his blog here.


  1. I've been enjoying your brother's informative posts about the berg while tolerating the fishing stuff. No offense.

    But this Lake trip is Really over the top. I love the accomodations and would so like not to hear phones or TV. More fun to watch for Rainbow lizards.

  2. Looks like a wonderful place. I didn't get to stay at the Island Camp so it is nice to see it! p.s. I'm featuring your Sprinach soup on my blog today. It was yummy.

  3. Looks like I need to pay you a visit.
    I wonder if my old car will make the 6000+km trip. Or maybe I must do it the old fashioned way and take a plane.


  4. Hi Jo - as usual, your posts give me itchy feet ... love the Lizzards ...

    ... how do accommodation prices compare with those in southern Africa?

  5. Wow! It looks like a relaxation haven with exotic scenery. A lovely part of our world.

  6. Hi Jo, Wooooo--of all of the places you all have gone, this may be my favorite of all... How fabulous... It's rustic and yet NOT..... I'd love seeing all of the birds and the sunsets.... Oh My Heart..... Keep taking pictures for us...

  7. Baringo Island Camp looks like a fun, secluded place to camp with all kinds of nature activities to involve yourself in!

    East African Rainbow lizards look very large and the males-- beautifully colored!

    I'm leaving for a women's retreat higher up in the mountains tomorrow, so I won't have any internet access till late Sunday, my usual day for catching up on lots of blogs. I't supposed to snow again tonight, so we'll need chains on our tires to get up there--54 women from our church are going. Three men from our church are going to cook all meals for us!

  8. I think you are very lucky to see things of Kenya which a "normal" tourist never sees. They go on photo Safaris or whatever.

  9. Jo, it looks like a wonderful place to stay. The tents are better than I thought they would be, very nice. The wildlife is great too, love the lizards.


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