Sunday, July 15, 2012

Acrobatic cat!

Ambrose trying to come down the branch (see arrow point) while Shadow watches from halfway up the tree (click to enlarge photo)

Shadow beats a hasty retreat with Ambrose hot on his tail!
As Ambrose lands on the ground, Ginger gives his ten bob's worth

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  1. I don't think Ambrose (or Shadow) will ever learn to take Ginger's advice and stay out of trees!
    I love your cats!

  2. You have adventurous cats there! Glad Ambrose got down all right.

  3. A great sequence of photos and story to with them. Your cats obviously give you hours of pleasure. I'm not impressed with my neighbours who let their cat pooh in my garden.

  4. He certainly had a nice view over his domain,lol !

  5. I love your cat commentary, Jo. They are endlessly entertaining!

  6. Cats love to get the highest view but the trek down the limbs gets a little scary sometimes.

  7. Loved the picture story! :)

  8. Watch out for those trees! I've heard the limbs can grab you and hold you!!! You do tell a great story though!!

    Sam Schnauzer


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