Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy BIrthday Nelson Mandela

Today is the 94th birthday of South African's first democratic president, Nelson Mandela.  Fighting for equality from the mid-forties, he was very active in the African National Congress, an illegal political party at the time. In 1963, he and ten other ANC leaders were sentenced to life imprisonment for political offenses, including sabotage. Nelson Mandela remained in prison for 27 years. 

While in prison, he continued to fight for justice for all and became a world-famous figure. Upon his release from jail in February 1990, was welcomed back by the world,  and ultimately loved by white and black South Africans alike. You can read Nelson's mini-bio here

In 1963, 1993 (thanks Diane!) Mr Mandela and the last white SA president,  FW de Klerk, were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. (see below) 


  1. He was truly a great man. (Are those dates correct??)

  2. Such an incredible man, indeed!! I enjoyed watching some of the celebrations on the news last night!

  3. I have always admired Nelson Mandela, and now I'm so amazed that anyone could endure 27 years in prison and still manage to live to such a grand old age.
    What a wonderful man.

  4. Happy birthday to Mr. Mandela (Madiba). I've long admired him too for how he had such dignity in the face of great struggle. He is an inspiration to so many.

  5. Thanks to him a whole country changed ! He is a great man ! If anybody earns a the peace price than it was certainly him !

  6. Congratulations to Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk for being awarded the the Nobel Peace Prize. I guess I had the wrong impression of Nelson Mandela because I'd heard that he was a Communist. I guess that was incorrect!


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