Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birding around Mwadui!

 A female Pied Kingfisher

Once again, just before sunset on Sunday, Grant, Wessel (the client IT fundi who always helps me with Internet issues!)  and I drove a short distance outside the mine for a bit of birding. We'd hardly set out when I spotted a Pied Kingfisher calling to its mate nearby. Grant stopped so that I could photograph it. When the bird turned around, I saw it was a female! It just had to be with all that chattering! (The female Pied Kingfisher has only one breast band which doesn't meet in the front. The male has two complete black bands) 

I hope you're all having a wonderful week.

BTW, apologies: I forgot to mention that Wessel, sitting at a rear window in our vehicle, was in the best position to take photos of this kingfisher. So photos #2 and # 3 are his. Thanks Wes! 


  1. Nice shot. Glad you're getting out birding.

  2. I love seeing the birds from Africa... They are all so different from ours... GORGEOUS photos...


  3. I love its punk hairstyle. It is very similar to our big kingfisher, the Kookaburra.

  4. Great shots Jo! I enjoy seeing the animals in your neck of the woods!

  5. What excellent photos of the Kingfisher! I did not know how to distinguish between the male and female but (thanks to your insight) I'll be listening for that extra chatter! ☺

    BTW I'm sure the cooks are learning much from you and the work crew are ecstatic with the great looking samosas!

  6. There are so many exotic birds in Africa, but your kingfishers are a great deal like ours. Fascinating!

  7. Kingfishers are so cute! Great shots, Jo and Wes. Wes sounds multi-talented.


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