Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Joshua

Clockwise from top : Joshua, a smiling and sometimes, mischievous - in first photo top left - little man with his mum, with his siblings and gran, with his siblings in center, with granddad and Eryn, bottom left and again with his siblings bottom right!

Today is our oldest grandson, Joshua's birthday. We phoned him to wish him, and when I said: " How old are you, Joshua? "  He said: " I'm six Granny!" He speaks so beautifully and is very eloquent and confident on the telephone. He also told me (and later Granddad) that he had a John Deere tractor birthday cake! He has always loved tractors; in fact he loves all manner of practical machinery like graders, bulldozers, fork-lifters, etc.

He is the perfect older brother to younger Bethany, Elijah and Israel, and adores his older sister, Eryn. Joshua is a gentle little soul, highly intelligent and a


  1. Happy birthday to Joshua! He is a handsome boy. Love the mosaic, Jo!

  2. Hi Jo! These are lovely family photos. Your grand kids are beautiful. Happy B-day Joshua!

  3. What a wonderful little family.. Love their names!!!! Happy Birthday to Joshua.... Gee--don't they grow up too fast??????

    Hope you are doing well, Jo...

  4. Happy birthday young man. He has a gorgeous cheeky smile.

  5. What a lovely smile he has. Did he inherit it from you?
    Congratulations, Joshua, on being 6.
    Love, K

  6. What a lovely boy. Happy birthday to Joshua ;-)

  7. Happy late birthday to Joshua. You have some beautiful grandkids, Jo! Great smiles!


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