Monday, July 9, 2012

My sister, Rosemary

 Map of Africa
 With regular flights from Africa to Europe, the distance between me (in Tanzania) and Rosemary (in Spain) is a mere ,

When we visited the UK, many readers asked why I'd not seen my sister, Rosemary who's lived in England for the past twelve years. For about a year Rosemary and her husband were looking for warmer pastures and after visiting several countries, even their country of birth, South Africa, they finally found their niche in Spain. Everything was put into place and their departure from the UK was 28th May! We arrived in England on the 30th! So we missed each by mere days, but I am so happy that my sister is now living in a sunny country which is only three hours from her precious children and grandchildren back in England.  And while living in East Africa, Grant and I are also not too far (as the crow flies, lol!) from Spain. We will be visiting her and Pete in their lovely villa overlooking the ocean some time soon! 

Please do pop over and meet my lovely sister who often comments on my blog and now has her very own, very interesting blog about her new life in Spain. You can read all it here and scroll down to the where she started to blog at the beginning of July. 

Welcome to blogland, Rose!


  1. I lived in Spain for two years and loved it! I hope your sister enjoys it as well!

  2. Thank you for the lovely introduction Jo! Cannot wait for you and Grant to visit us here in Spain - Love and hugs your sister, Rosemary xoxoxo

  3. So glad y'all will be getting together soon!

  4. It will be an another adventure to look forward to to visit your sister in Spain. I'm already looking forward to the pics I'll hop over and visit he now.

  5. I lived and taught piano for two years in Puerto de Santa Maria (Andalucia). I always enjoy returning to Spain.

  6. How nice that your sister now lives in Spain. I'm sure you and Grant will have a chance to visit her and enjoy the sun there soon ;-)

  7. I visited Rosemary's blog and noticed that Where she is in Spain looks a lot like places California. We have a similar climate. It's a lovely blog!


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